Monday, June 28, 2010

Some Rennovation Pictures

Here are some pics of the rennovation progress back in April. The rennovations are 90% done now so I'll post some pics of what it looks like now a bit later but I realized with the end of the pregnancy (so hard) and the new baby coming, I never got a chance to get ANY pics up. :/ Sorry bout that!

Below are pics of the main hallway bathroom which is the boys' bathroom. Our accent tile is a blue and beachy beige. We placed it in the shower inserts and on the floor outlining the vanity and the bathtub. They originally painted it a color I picked but the color came out ALL wrong. I brought the color I chose to a sherwin williams store which tried to match it to their paint, but instead of coming out a light blue, it came out purple, so we changed it to a coffee color - "indulgent mocha" to be exact :) even that - was a little off but i'm going to stop being so picky now. We had a linen closet Built right next to the vanity out of dry wall only because the linen closet we ordered to match the vanity never came in. I love this one so I'm glad it ended up working out this way. The raised panel on the tub didnt come out the way I designed it b/c I wanted 2 big squares not 4 little ones but the contractor threw this in :) so i won't complain. I think it looks nice.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Days are flying

Oh man where do i even begin to revitalize my bloggie blog. I don't want my blog to fall into a black hole never to be seen again. But i must admit I had no idea just HOW BUSY being a mama of 2 would be. I'm not even paying attention to hte house or moving in properly, unpacking or unfinished renovations at all and it's still a mountain of tasks to get thru during the day. It's just so physically demanding from breastfeeding to diaper changing to baby holding and toddler playing/feeding. Phew.

..... and..... just as I type this - little J man AND his brother just woke up. They're conspiring together to do this to me I swear.

Will be back with pics soon!