Wednesday, September 29, 2010

4 months old already?!

When did this happen?? I'm late in posting this picture (surprise surprise) but i had to get it in there. Jeevan is actually over 4 months old at the moment. Sometimes I kick myself that these monthly picture signs are not cuter with the little onesies I've seen with a number for the months old the baby is or the coordinating signs for every month and matching clothes but u know what? this is REAL life and i'm in the trenches of in ur face, running around like a crazy person, trying to do it all and be a good mama and wife - REAL LIFE. So this is it and it's as real as u get - a sign written in any pen I could find and gone over with highlighter. .... And now that I look at it with a closer eye, I have to smile's perfect. and so is HE. Dear Jeevu, I love u more than u could ever imagine little angel. mwa.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Teddy Love

We were at Costco the other day and Kavan came across these HUGE massive teddy bears. It was as if in slow motion I saw his eyes widen and bug out of his head. I *almost* bought these giants but then I quickly remembered the Huge stuffed animal gifts people previously got him and how they sort've just lay around in random places from room to room in the house without any real spot to belong and how they are highly annoying to me because he may pounce on them oh maybe... once in 6 months!  SO i was quickly brought back to reality and heard a resounding "ohh helll no" in my head :) Before u start thinking I'm a horrible mother, I feel these kids get an immunity to certain toys as they get older such as teddy bears. Not buying those bears was really an effort on MY part to retain some teddy love for the little guys so when they see big teddies like this, it doesn't lose its charm on him. It was fun watching him play with them tho and it made grocery shopping semi entertaining for the little rascal. :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

A little treat....

With 2 babies under 2 (and sans nanny), the days are tough and long. I don't get to do many of the things I used to in order to relax or recharge. This is the story of any moms out there! The reality is that scheduling downtime  in, while ideal, doesn't happen. So i like to give myself a *little* treat every day or every other day just for me either when the babies nap or go to bed. Today's little treat are these yummy beauties. Some homemade caramel coffees! yum yum. I made one for me and hubby. The happiness such a simple little treat provides me is immeasurable.

What do u like to do to treat urself? Treat urself today.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall decor!

It's beginning to look alot like.... AU-TUMN! evvvvveryyywhere u gooooo. Does this song sound familiar? Yea, that's right - the christmas song - I have it playing in my head for this time of year - my very favorite season. Although I'm not sure I can call it that considering I have a strong dislike for the taste of pumpkin spice coffee and pumpkin scented candles or pies. Other than that - I love everything bout this time of year. 

Here is some more fall decor I've been working on:

Slightly wreath obsessed! I made a nice autumn leafy one from dollar store supplies. This took alot longer than it should have. I kept the flowers on the wire stem part and insisted on wrapping the stems around the wicker part of the wooden wreath. It made it much more difficult to manage and to fit all the flowers on. But once I started I couldn't stop. The easier route would've been to just pluck off the flowers I wanted and hot glued them everywhere. I was trying to save the wreath for another holiday but that's not gonna happen considering how long this took me - I'm just saving it for next year now! I haven't decided where I'm going to hang it yet because I want the spider wreath for the front door so when I figure it out - I'll post a picture.
All the materials for this one came from the dollar store!
This took so long!
BUT i'm so happy with the results :)

This is one of my favorites. I love pitchers and vases and using pitchers, especially WHITE pitchers as vases. I have a standard Ikea white pitcher in the middle of my kitchen island that I use for everything. I keep changing its arrangement - whether it be sunflowers or red roses or art supplies or utensils if we're having a casual party and food is served on the island. 

For the fall, I wanted a little island centerpiece so I can see some pretty autumn colors first thing when I stumble walk into the kitchen in the morning. I got some green foam for the bottom of the pitcher and started plugging it with pretty flowers and pumpkins and squash and leaves I got from the dollar store. Topped it off with some beautiful ribbon and it's done and makes me smile every time I see it.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Halloween Spider Wreath

I know it's a little early BUT i couldn't WAIT to get the babies sleeping to work on this wreath. I wish I could say the idea was mine but credit goes to a beautiful wreath I saw at themostawesomestoreintheworld Home Goods. It was much more glamorous than mine. It had beautiful voluminous orange feathers. It was also a ton more expensive. I don't remember how much it cost but I saw it and loved it and thought.... hmm... I think I could pull that off. I saw it a few weeks ago and since have been thinking how could I replicate this... Orange feathers - what could I use for orange feathers. I was going to buy a bunch of dusters with feathers and spray paint them orange but that seemed ridiculous after a while. Today I came up with a better solution!

I was in the dollar store to buy my little man some dinosaur toys since he's been obsessed with playing with these at the library. I came across kids' bath sponges - in ORANGE and a lightbulb went off. I proceeded to pickup as many as possible and then skip to the wreath section to pick myself up a little project! :)

I also got these cute spiders. See where I'm going with this?
Here are the bath sponges
I separated the fish from the orange poofy sponge part
And here we go! Just hot glued a bit to the wooden wreath
I started wrapping getting nervous if I would have enough orange poofiness to cover the wooden part...
Not too bad. The pic doesn't show it but I made it loose with as much volume as possible
Oh I also got ONE green fish sponge for my little man (20 months old) since he yelled "GEEN!" I wish he knew how to say orange because I sure could have used just onnnneeee more orange sponge for extra poof 

go go go
almost done
Orange poofy goodness
Now what the heck am I going to do with these bath fishies that lost their home. Sea themed birthday party anyone?
By this point I was giddy - so happy this worked and the wood is covered and now time to kiss the bride stick on my spiders!! muahahaha
It's no fancy expensive home goods wreath but it's mine a la Dollar store and i love it! :) Don't u love it :)

Is it too early to put this up or do I need to wait til October 1??

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Lovin' Vinyl Art

I swear I look at vinyl art like I'm looking at a puppies playing in a window. I've always looked but not touched! I just can't seem to decide to actually buy it or not - always wondering can I just do this myself or what? and then it never happens (of course). There's so much creative stuff out there that I want for the house and especially the children's rooms. I think I've been looking at different options of what to get for maybe a YEAR now. Talk about noncommittal. I really want to put my ideas in action for the babies' rooms. Now that the littlest monkey is getting much more interactive and should be using his room more, I want to make it a place for him to play, sleep, look in the mirror and more - instead of just being plopped in the bassinet in our room or on a boppy on anyone's bed. There are some adorable vinyl prints from the KIDS CO. Etsy shop. I can never get enough of all the personalized cuteness Etsy offers. I think I need to just force myself to close my eyes and press "add to cart" and "submit order" and not look back. The "shopping" for what I want needs to stop and the actual getting and enjoying it needs to begin! Look how adorable these pieces are. Which one should I get for each boy (one is 21 months old, the other 4 months old)?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I've been MIA, i know..

the days are just flying. I feel like I always say that though! Unbelievable that is is already september. The summer has come and gone. I have to admit that I was a little done with summer around mid August. The heat gets unbearable. The carting the kids everywhere and slopping sunblock on them gets a bit treacherous when ur drenched in sweat. And I'm tired of running the air conditioner and fans and blasting it on in the car as well. I'm ready for leaving windows open, feeling a crisp fall breeze, putting on a light sweater and fall decor! :) Autumn is my very favorite season of the year and I'm looking forward to it. So goodbye summer and hello fall!

Alot has been going on in our little world since my last post. My grandmother in India had a stroke and is very sick in the ICU. I was about to hop on a plane to India to go be with her but leaving my babies home isn't something I was ready to swallow. So we are preparing their passports to be able to make a trip soon. Please keep her in your prayers.

We made a trip to Florida to visit the hubs' brother and his family - his wife and 3 kids. They just had a baby girl 3 weeks after my baby was born in May and we were lucky enough to go visit her and our niece and nephew. The kids had a great time and it was a lovely visit - too short.

I have some fall decor plans up my sleeve. It's already Sept and it's primetime to start putting lovely hues of deep oranges, browns, burgundy and gold out. Love it!

I've forced myself to pickup reading novels again and am in the middle of Promises to Keep by Jane Green. I love being in the middle of a good book, following a story, anticipating what's to follow, falling in love with its characters, looking forward to the next chance u get to read just a bit more and then devouring the same author's next book. Jane Green has become one of my favorites. Originally I just started reading her stuff like Mr. Maybe and Jemima J and Straight Talking for some mindless light chic lit on my commute to the city. Her latest books have taken a more serious tone and they're absolutely fabulous. If u haven't read it, I recommend The Beach House. It was a great read. I'm not done with this novel yet but I love how creative she is - each chapter concludes with a recipe of a dish that was mentioned in the story during that particular chapter. I plan on photocopying all these pages and trying them out for sure!