Saturday, September 25, 2010

Teddy Love

We were at Costco the other day and Kavan came across these HUGE massive teddy bears. It was as if in slow motion I saw his eyes widen and bug out of his head. I *almost* bought these giants but then I quickly remembered the Huge stuffed animal gifts people previously got him and how they sort've just lay around in random places from room to room in the house without any real spot to belong and how they are highly annoying to me because he may pounce on them oh maybe... once in 6 months!  SO i was quickly brought back to reality and heard a resounding "ohh helll no" in my head :) Before u start thinking I'm a horrible mother, I feel these kids get an immunity to certain toys as they get older such as teddy bears. Not buying those bears was really an effort on MY part to retain some teddy love for the little guys so when they see big teddies like this, it doesn't lose its charm on him. It was fun watching him play with them tho and it made grocery shopping semi entertaining for the little rascal. :)

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  1. this post was hilarious, i love how you walked through your thought process, so funny. love it!