Sunday, February 28, 2010

Major FAIL at the Tile Store

Yesterday did not go as I hoped. The Hubs and I set out on a mission to pick out bathroom tub and floor tiles and Kitchen floor and backsplash tiles. Oh how foolish we were to think this could get accomplished. We've been putting this trip off for a while because we wanted the perfect opportunity to be able to take our time while monkey could sleep at the store. We needed to time this just right considering the trip to this Bargain Tile Mecca of a store is about 2 hours out from where we live. Then when we think we have a window in our week - we get recurrent freak snowstorms that make us cancel our trip. I'm convinced this is just the universe's way of saying u two are Not ready for this task!!

Well after yesterday, I see why. Who ever thought picking tiles could be such a test of marriage?! About half the time in the store, Hubs and I went back and forth on everything from colors to size to texture - it's like we were speaking Swahili and Japanese at each other - ships passing in the night Right by each other. For a man who is usually completely laid back and anything's cool about whatever - all of a sudden it's like I was looking at Martha Stewart who had such strong opinions on certain tiles and veins in tiles and the graininess in tiles and I didnt know what was going on!! I was watching him, seeing his lips move but not taking in a damn thing.

We had it all figured out going in. We had pictures! Pictures of tiles! All my beloved pictures I've been researching and showing him and insisting on and we get there and Epic FAIL. What a day.

We're going to go back to the drawing board and try to actually communicate on this. I'm talking specifics - dimensions, style, size, texture, color, the look - EVERYTHING because there is no way this is magically happening - We need to go thru the fire with this one and if we come out alive and whole on the other end - we will just be stronger for it :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Fancied up my Bloggy all By Myself :)

This is a big accomplishment for me - someone totally illiterate in html. I changed the background and added a bunch of blinkies and buttons courtesy of this lovely mama's blog for free! yay :) I am on a waiting list for a site re-design but in the meantime, this will have to do. I am very pleased with it if I do say so myself.

In other news over here --- the snow is insanely falling AGAIN. This means another stuck inside with the little bebe trying to figure out what to do and get creative. He is so wired and energetic this little boy - I've got to get him to release his energy since this mama is refusing to drive in this terrible weather to a Gymboree class. It's scary out there! The roads are just horrible and I don't trust my car which has had brake and tire issues for a while now that we keep getting fixed over and over again.

Unfortunately, this may mean we will have to cancel a trip to CT tomorrow to pick tiles. BOOO:((( !!! I want to actually get something accomplished! but safety comes first. Can't wait til the hubs comes home to help me entertain the little guy!!

Here are shots of him having a blast at Gymboree yesterday :) He was acting like such a teacher's pet following the teacher around wherever he went in class - and stomping past any other little kid that got in his way. Oh how he made me laugh :) When class was done and the teacher walked out of the play area, my little boy followed him right out the door. He really took to him! :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Painting Mismatched Coffee Mugs

For some reason, I've been obsessed with checking out DIY projects online. This is NOT THE TIME for that but during baby's naps - this is what sucks me in. I just love seeing everyone's creativity in action! I have a potential project I want to tackle - post new baby I guess - and wanted to hear some input! I have so many random coffee mugs in my cupboards. I don't want to throw them away. They're in perfectly good condition, just old and mismatched by colors. I'm ok with different styles - I kinda like having a slew of different mugs but I want to paint them all the same color and not sure if this is something u can just DO. I want to paint these ceramic mugs without having to go to a bake place. Too $$. If I use acrylic paint and some sort of gloss varnish, will they last a hand washing or the dishwasher? I'm thinking of just painting on the outside - not the inside.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Need to Pick Tiles! yikes..

We cancelled an appointment with our contractor this week because my back has just been killing me. I'm sorta glad because now it gives me more time to find what i like and want! This weekend is it - we have to buckle down and start PICKING things - tiles, fixtures, appliances. This is all going to fast. I need more baby naptimes to surf the web for more pics of bathrooms and kitchens i like! :) Honestly tho - that could go on for months and we all know it :) SO we have 3 bathrooms we're going and 1 kitchen. I know the look I want. It's just going to be a matter of what we can get and on what budget. I'm including pics below of a combination of looks I like.

For the downstairs powder room - I'd like a dark chocolate bathroom with a white pedestal sink, white wainscoating on the walls and just a basic matching tile. What that means, I don't know but if I see it - maybe it will be clear :)

For the boys'bathroom - I'd like a light bathroom, maybe a white vanity, lighter tiles, possibly beige but light all around. This will be the bathroom the kids use and the main bathroom guests use when they come over so I don't want to have it looking like a kids bathroom! I'd like the tub tiled as well on the outside of it.

For our bathroom  - I want a getaway, an escape, a spa like retreat - can I get an AMEN? I'm imagining more stone work, beige ish colors but not too dark.

For the kitchen - I don't know. I just don't know what matches with off white cabinets and a brown granite countertop. The tile lady at the store kept saying to pick a color from the granite we have (which we have nothing of yet) and choose ur tile based on that. No idea. I'm thinking just a basic beige tile, maybe some accent pieces for a border and a basic backsplash. While glass tiles are nice on a backsplash - I don't have to have it. I just want it to match and look nice!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Vision for Front Entry Way

Sorry for being out of touch! We have a very special out of town visitor so the days are just flying by. When I get sommmmeee, annyyy downtime - I'm still trying to research pics of the look I want for the new house.

Our new house is a raised ranch. When you walk inside, there is a little tiled entryway on the bottom floor and to your left is a flight of stairs going up to the main level. Sorry I don't have a pic but will get one. There is room for a long table to plop keys onto when u walk in. I'm also imagining something like a storage system for hats, shoes gloves scarves etc. Not sure if I should just have hooks or maybe put a bench to store outdoor wear and have a spot to sit to put on ur shoes - instead of a table.

The entrance inside to ur home is the first thing people walk into when they enter your home - the first thing they see. I want it to be cozy and comfy, functional more than decorative and most importantly - NEAT! I know when I get in with the baby, I am so exhausted, I just need a spot to drop everything - keys, diaper bag, baby, boots, jackets, flip flops, towels from swimming.

Looking for inspiring pics! Here are some:


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just call me MOOO - MA!

My little guy has been chatting up a storm lately. Wonder where he gets THAT from?! ahem ahem. :) I've been trying to be super encouraging with all the animals and animal sounds he identifies. He gets SO excited to say woof woof when he sees the crazy doggie and MOO MOO when he sees cows in books.

Well. TODAY we were pointing out animals and upon seeing a cow, Kavan said MAMA. I couldn't help but laugh out loud and think great, even HE knows I'm huge now. I laughed along with him and said not mama, cow - moo moo - that's the Moo's Mama. And he proceeded to insist, MAMA. ahem. Cute, kid. REAL cute.

In defense of my growing size, I'd like to point out that earlier we were reading the book Mama, Mama which was all about Mama animals and their babies. Orrrrr he's just a funny little nugget and knows he's making a joke? I could swear he does joke around sometimes and knows he is cracking a joke. I dont think it's too early for that do u?

And here I thought I was Mama Lion. Guess not. :) I'd like to sign off with a loud and proud MOOOOO!!! xoxo

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Office Desk (Courtesy of Ikea of course)

Im going to post my finds and things I love here because I'm starting to lose track of it all - there's just so many choices!! 

There is a large room adjacent to the den fireplace room downstairs. First we thought this would be perfect for a guest bedroom or a workout room - then we nixed that idea in favor of a room for us to play in :) The kids' playroom would be the den next door and mommy daddy's playroom would be this joint office room. So sad that playroom for us Now means time away on our laptops, in our own space, at a desk or comfy chair with a book. It is what it is folks! 

So we are trying to come to an agreement on colors and the look of our joint office. We will need to merge our styles - but not so sure how it will be possible. I just need a space I can go to for a little escape - to scrapbook, get on the computer, read a book with some tea, sew and CREATE! My own space - or at least a corner of a space.

I would love something feminine comfy and sophisticated while I think he wants more of a techy feel with all his gadgets, printer, faxer, computers tv, videogames etc. Sigh. HGTV where are u when I need u?! Why can't u just magically pop on my doorstep and help this Preggo stressed out mama!Maybe I should apply for a makeover. What are the odds we will get picked. Very low. I'm sure.

Ok one thing at a time. We have both agreed to a light grey paint on the walls. I'd like more of a white lighter feel for my area and he has agreed to that! I found a pretty cool desk at Ikea for only $159 (not bad) and matching white bookcases. Maybe I'll have to do without those, but they're pretty nonetheless. I love the look of this architect style desk. I've always wanted something like this but will probably have to lower the tilt when I want to use my sewing machine. Still, very cool. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Where do you do your Best Thinking?

It just dawned on me today - I can have mommy mush brains for days on end and not even realize it. We just go from chore to chore, task to task, one routine to the other - racing to get things done and find some serenity during naptime! These days it's so hard to have any sense of clarity! Lately I have felt so overwhelmed with everything going on in our busy bee lives that I don't really get time to make sense of it all or get any "AH HA" moments. I'd love me some of those!!  I had one today in a nice hot long shower and it felt amazing. Just got a simple answer to a little issue in our lives and more answers just started coming to me. I realized this quality thinking never happens unless I am

  1. driving the car, alone.
  2. in the shower - most definitely alone. excluding hubbies and babies
  3. on a run - so very very rare these days mostly because i'm pregnant and the size of a house

    Where do u do your best thinking? Where do u get answers to ur issues and questions? How do u find a way to escape so clarity can find its way in?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Dear Ikea, ur awesome

I'm convinced in a past life I was from Sweden because the excitement that stirs in me for a trip to IKEA as if I'm returning to the motherland - is just - inexplicable. It is such a magical place... where, really, dreams come true :)

OK! down to business!! If we decide to cut on costs and not do a custom island NOW (gasp), we could, for the meantime get one of these super snazzy table island storage thingamajigs from IKEA that could act as an island, extra countertop space, storage and maybe we could funkify it with some paint to offset the country kitchen look we are going for. I hear these days that mismatching islands from cabinets is all the rave. I'm not so nuts about it - but what do i know? :) I'm gonna go with the crowd on this one. 


Rub A dubba Dubbie, Mama in the Tubbie

Here are Bathtubs I love. I want it to be more than just that porcelin/enamel standard bathtub look. I want a little luxury for mama, know what I mean? It's overkill for babies' baths but this will serve a dual purpose! I don't mind a little dry wall building the tub up like the first pic from Centsational Girl's blog, which is just fabulous. I also love that raised panel look that outlines the outside wall of the tub like in the second pic. I also really like the tile look encapsulating the tub - that's fab too. I think Marble is too expensive but basically whatever is most cost effective of these options is what I'm going with. I'm already dreaming of Calgon taking this mama AWAY!!

Super Productive Day in CT

We head up to Ct yesterday after being snowed in for over 24 hours. Wow were we going stir crazy or WHAT! Thank goodness the highways were clean so we trekked out to CT to get some stuff done!! It was a super productive day - I interviewed and chose and even registered with a Pediatrician for Kavan and for the new baby and even an Obstetrician for me. They were both very friendly and super helpful. I was very impressed. 2 more things checked off the list - yay!!

We also head to a specialized super fancy tile place with GORGEOUS tiles - tiles I could never even imagine up in my fantasies if I even tried. I had no idea they could look like this. We set up an appointment to meet with the head designer (ooh la la) for Saturday but in the meantime I took some pics of samples - stay tuned for that post! I'm having a very strong feeling tho that it's going to be WAY overpriced. You know what, it's ok. It's all about keeping an open mind, doing the research and then exploring ways to get ur cake and eat it too on the cheap! mmm... cake.

We then met with a potential contractor again who told us that the Master bath doesnt have enough room for a Shower AND a tub -- BOO! :( So what's a girl to do? 
  1. Choose between the two?
  2. Make a super small tub? or 
  3. Pimp out the Boys' bathroom tub for mama to use as her spa getaway after they go to bed?

    The winner is ------- #1 and #3!

    So we will only have a shower in the master bathroom .... which on the plus side ... saves costs and lets us do more with something else! So the hubbigans agreed to let the boys' bathroom (the main one where guests will use too for showers) be extra nice and not just a plain tub, which there's nothing wrong with but hey - if we're getting things done and can bargain with these contractors and negotiate things to be thrown in here or there - WHY NOT?! I'm ok with it. I'm trying to be super positive about this stuff and not get carried away (veryhardtodo). I'd rather the contractor be up front and honest NOW than later when I'm already dreaming about things. I'd rather have answers now and one less decision to make later. This helps me stay grounded. Our bank account does a very good job of that too. :// Err.Besides, the hubs kept insisting there is no such thing as super small tubs that only little people can use which I kept asking for - just a super small tub, for me? please? Well - hmppf, they're pretty standard apparently? I beg to differ butttt will drop this battle because if we got a small one, that means my over 6 foot tall hubby wouldnt be able to use it.
When is the last time u let urself soak in a tub? God it's been so long but i'm convinced that if i had a nice one, I'd Use it for sure! Stay tuned for PICS of tubs I LIKE

To top the day off, we stopped by a good friend's place for some yummy din din and to let our babies play. My tv obsessed baby must've gotten way too much of a dose of TV during our snowed in day because this is pretty much how he played at our friends' place................. I think it's time for an intervention.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rennovating Plans

After spending so much time interviewing contractors, we have been slowly tweaking what we want to get done and what we can afford in our budget. We still haven't picked a contractor we're going with yet but we have interviewed about 10 of them and gotten their quotes and have about 4-5 in the running. They all have very different personalities and bring something new and fresh to the table with their ideas, which I love. They definitely bring up aesthetic and technical points in terms of future resale value, cost effectiveness or structural possibilities with the house that are super helpful.

We want the following done with possible pics as examples of how we want it done:
  • Replace Kitchen cabinets to a beige/offwhite cabinet scheme. Get a custom built island with matching dark brown or beige speckled granite and chairs to pull up to. Replace baseboard heating somehow? Knock the wall down between the kitchen and living room to open up the space.

  • Create an arch and a little entry leading into a dining room from the living room, possibly with pedestals on the dry wall entry. 

  • Staircase Leading up to Main Level - get custom fit carpeting on it, put a wooden cap on the iron rod banister and put up a low dry wall to replace the iron rod bars at the top

  • French doors to be installed off dining room leading out to deck and in lower level leading out to back yard

  • Get the Kids/Guest Bathroom redone on the Main Level - not so sure how I want this to look. Maybe something like this??

  • Make the Master bedroom closet a Master Bathroom and build a master closet in bedroom

We've decided that all the extras we had in mind like wainscoting, new carpeting, hardwood floors, the kids' rooms etc can all be done later and possibly done by us tackling DIY projects. I think it'd be fun!!