Friday, February 12, 2010

Dear Ikea, ur awesome

I'm convinced in a past life I was from Sweden because the excitement that stirs in me for a trip to IKEA as if I'm returning to the motherland - is just - inexplicable. It is such a magical place... where, really, dreams come true :)

OK! down to business!! If we decide to cut on costs and not do a custom island NOW (gasp), we could, for the meantime get one of these super snazzy table island storage thingamajigs from IKEA that could act as an island, extra countertop space, storage and maybe we could funkify it with some paint to offset the country kitchen look we are going for. I hear these days that mismatching islands from cabinets is all the rave. I'm not so nuts about it - but what do i know? :) I'm gonna go with the crowd on this one. 



  1. So cute! That's a great idea. I would love to do something like that in my kitchen.

    And can you believe that I've never been to Ikea?! I know. I would love to go some day!!


  2. Omg, first of all... I love IKEA too! That place is my safe-haven :P
    Second of all, you're so pretty and I love your wedding pic! :)
    Third - I think substituting the storage/table for the island (for now) is a great idea.
    Fourth - Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest :)

  3. That would be a great idea and I have never been to Ikea either. I feel like I am missing out on something, but there is not one anywhere close to me!

  4. Ladies, thanks so much for stopping by! Dontcha just love the SITS sistas!

    American Tribal - ur so sweet!! Im loving ur blog :)

    Dana - u must find the closest one next to u, book a ticket to romp around that city and go! It's just the best. :)

  5. The only trouble with IKEA is that you have to put together most of the stuff. But I do love to go out there and have lunch while I'm shopping. Their Swedish meatballs are the best! SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did...

    Will We Ever Have School Again?

  6. Thanks! Its funny i grew up disliking soup most of my childhood life i couldnt stand the stuff...didnt matter how my mum made it i just couldnt get the taste for the stuff granted i did not mind the malaysian soups my mum would make once in a while but it was a one bowl thanks but no thanks i dont want anymore kinda deal :) Thanks for stopping by my blog luv! NOW on to one of my LUVS!!! I*K*E*A!! oh my gosh! i love that place we make a few trips up to our local store a yr and whats worse is now that we are making the big move bac to australia its sooo hard 2 go to Ikea with girlfriends and not come home with something!!

  7. So pretty.

    I wish we had an IKEA near us.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  8. I am sure one of these will look great in your kitchen! I don't make it to Ikea often, but I always come home with a car load when I do.


  9. I love IKEA! They have such wonderful things, and great prices..