Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Where do you do your Best Thinking?

It just dawned on me today - I can have mommy mush brains for days on end and not even realize it. We just go from chore to chore, task to task, one routine to the other - racing to get things done and find some serenity during naptime! These days it's so hard to have any sense of clarity! Lately I have felt so overwhelmed with everything going on in our busy bee lives that I don't really get time to make sense of it all or get any "AH HA" moments. I'd love me some of those!!  I had one today in a nice hot long shower and it felt amazing. Just got a simple answer to a little issue in our lives and more answers just started coming to me. I realized this quality thinking never happens unless I am

  1. driving the car, alone.
  2. in the shower - most definitely alone. excluding hubbies and babies
  3. on a run - so very very rare these days mostly because i'm pregnant and the size of a house

    Where do u do your best thinking? Where do u get answers to ur issues and questions? How do u find a way to escape so clarity can find its way in?

1 comment:

  1. Well, the shower I'm blank. Mindless. Pretty much useless--which is nice to not have to think for awhile.

    But usually it's in the car. If both girls are sleeping that is a bonus :)