Sunday, February 28, 2010

Major FAIL at the Tile Store

Yesterday did not go as I hoped. The Hubs and I set out on a mission to pick out bathroom tub and floor tiles and Kitchen floor and backsplash tiles. Oh how foolish we were to think this could get accomplished. We've been putting this trip off for a while because we wanted the perfect opportunity to be able to take our time while monkey could sleep at the store. We needed to time this just right considering the trip to this Bargain Tile Mecca of a store is about 2 hours out from where we live. Then when we think we have a window in our week - we get recurrent freak snowstorms that make us cancel our trip. I'm convinced this is just the universe's way of saying u two are Not ready for this task!!

Well after yesterday, I see why. Who ever thought picking tiles could be such a test of marriage?! About half the time in the store, Hubs and I went back and forth on everything from colors to size to texture - it's like we were speaking Swahili and Japanese at each other - ships passing in the night Right by each other. For a man who is usually completely laid back and anything's cool about whatever - all of a sudden it's like I was looking at Martha Stewart who had such strong opinions on certain tiles and veins in tiles and the graininess in tiles and I didnt know what was going on!! I was watching him, seeing his lips move but not taking in a damn thing.

We had it all figured out going in. We had pictures! Pictures of tiles! All my beloved pictures I've been researching and showing him and insisting on and we get there and Epic FAIL. What a day.

We're going to go back to the drawing board and try to actually communicate on this. I'm talking specifics - dimensions, style, size, texture, color, the look - EVERYTHING because there is no way this is magically happening - We need to go thru the fire with this one and if we come out alive and whole on the other end - we will just be stronger for it :)


  1. omg, bizarre. you left a comment on my friends so i followed it over
    cause i sometimes do that and i was just reading this blog a few days ago and loved it.

    i think i may have found it through shabbyblogs. not sure. but i love your house dec pics.

    small blog world i guess. and yes, jenn is amazing! she is the most emtertaining writer!

  2. Thank u So much for ur sweet words and for visiting! I love her blog as well and can't wait to check urs out now too!