Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Office Desk (Courtesy of Ikea of course)

Im going to post my finds and things I love here because I'm starting to lose track of it all - there's just so many choices!! 

There is a large room adjacent to the den fireplace room downstairs. First we thought this would be perfect for a guest bedroom or a workout room - then we nixed that idea in favor of a room for us to play in :) The kids' playroom would be the den next door and mommy daddy's playroom would be this joint office room. So sad that playroom for us Now means time away on our laptops, in our own space, at a desk or comfy chair with a book. It is what it is folks! 

So we are trying to come to an agreement on colors and the look of our joint office. We will need to merge our styles - but not so sure how it will be possible. I just need a space I can go to for a little escape - to scrapbook, get on the computer, read a book with some tea, sew and CREATE! My own space - or at least a corner of a space.

I would love something feminine comfy and sophisticated while I think he wants more of a techy feel with all his gadgets, printer, faxer, computers tv, videogames etc. Sigh. HGTV where are u when I need u?! Why can't u just magically pop on my doorstep and help this Preggo stressed out mama!Maybe I should apply for a makeover. What are the odds we will get picked. Very low. I'm sure.

Ok one thing at a time. We have both agreed to a light grey paint on the walls. I'd like more of a white lighter feel for my area and he has agreed to that! I found a pretty cool desk at Ikea for only $159 (not bad) and matching white bookcases. Maybe I'll have to do without those, but they're pretty nonetheless. I love the look of this architect style desk. I've always wanted something like this but will probably have to lower the tilt when I want to use my sewing machine. Still, very cool. 


  1. Don't you just love getting organized and having your own little "space"?

  2. Great collection of Office Desks that decorates your office in a modern way.