Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just call me MOOO - MA!

My little guy has been chatting up a storm lately. Wonder where he gets THAT from?! ahem ahem. :) I've been trying to be super encouraging with all the animals and animal sounds he identifies. He gets SO excited to say woof woof when he sees the crazy doggie and MOO MOO when he sees cows in books.

Well. TODAY we were pointing out animals and upon seeing a cow, Kavan said MAMA. I couldn't help but laugh out loud and think great, even HE knows I'm huge now. I laughed along with him and said not mama, cow - moo moo - that's the Moo's Mama. And he proceeded to insist, MAMA. ahem. Cute, kid. REAL cute.

In defense of my growing size, I'd like to point out that earlier we were reading the book Mama, Mama which was all about Mama animals and their babies. Orrrrr he's just a funny little nugget and knows he's making a joke? I could swear he does joke around sometimes and knows he is cracking a joke. I dont think it's too early for that do u?

And here I thought I was Mama Lion. Guess not. :) I'd like to sign off with a loud and proud MOOOOO!!! xoxo

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