Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Need to Pick Tiles! yikes..

We cancelled an appointment with our contractor this week because my back has just been killing me. I'm sorta glad because now it gives me more time to find what i like and want! This weekend is it - we have to buckle down and start PICKING things - tiles, fixtures, appliances. This is all going to fast. I need more baby naptimes to surf the web for more pics of bathrooms and kitchens i like! :) Honestly tho - that could go on for months and we all know it :) SO we have 3 bathrooms we're going and 1 kitchen. I know the look I want. It's just going to be a matter of what we can get and on what budget. I'm including pics below of a combination of looks I like.

For the downstairs powder room - I'd like a dark chocolate bathroom with a white pedestal sink, white wainscoating on the walls and just a basic matching tile. What that means, I don't know but if I see it - maybe it will be clear :)

For the boys'bathroom - I'd like a light bathroom, maybe a white vanity, lighter tiles, possibly beige but light all around. This will be the bathroom the kids use and the main bathroom guests use when they come over so I don't want to have it looking like a kids bathroom! I'd like the tub tiled as well on the outside of it.

For our bathroom  - I want a getaway, an escape, a spa like retreat - can I get an AMEN? I'm imagining more stone work, beige ish colors but not too dark.

For the kitchen - I don't know. I just don't know what matches with off white cabinets and a brown granite countertop. The tile lady at the store kept saying to pick a color from the granite we have (which we have nothing of yet) and choose ur tile based on that. No idea. I'm thinking just a basic beige tile, maybe some accent pieces for a border and a basic backsplash. While glass tiles are nice on a backsplash - I don't have to have it. I just want it to match and look nice!

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