Monday, February 22, 2010

Vision for Front Entry Way

Sorry for being out of touch! We have a very special out of town visitor so the days are just flying by. When I get sommmmeee, annyyy downtime - I'm still trying to research pics of the look I want for the new house.

Our new house is a raised ranch. When you walk inside, there is a little tiled entryway on the bottom floor and to your left is a flight of stairs going up to the main level. Sorry I don't have a pic but will get one. There is room for a long table to plop keys onto when u walk in. I'm also imagining something like a storage system for hats, shoes gloves scarves etc. Not sure if I should just have hooks or maybe put a bench to store outdoor wear and have a spot to sit to put on ur shoes - instead of a table.

The entrance inside to ur home is the first thing people walk into when they enter your home - the first thing they see. I want it to be cozy and comfy, functional more than decorative and most importantly - NEAT! I know when I get in with the baby, I am so exhausted, I just need a spot to drop everything - keys, diaper bag, baby, boots, jackets, flip flops, towels from swimming.

Looking for inspiring pics! Here are some:



  1. I love the idea of a nice storage bench that can store all the winter/summer gear but also serve as a spot for the babies to sit while you put their shoes on. Seems so functional but also will look nice and conceal the mess (instead of just hooks). Maybe one of those on the wall bulletin board/tray things to hold keys? So excited for you!! =)

  2. Those are some great ideas! I always could use some inspiration.

  3. Thanks ladies! I know what I want there, just need to get the look. I want a mirror, a storage system whether hooks or not and some organized place to keep shoes/keys etc....Will work on it!