Saturday, February 6, 2010

Slippers Should Be Shoes :)

Seriously. It should be socially acceptable to wear slippers outside, like, in public - as SHOES. I know what I'm saying. I am the girl that used to live in cute heels and collected them like it was my job. Maybe I don't realize just how far I've fallen since I am now deep  in the trenches of life in sweats, no showers or makeup but cushioned in plenty of spitup and babyfood stains - yay! For the sake of all moms out there - ESPECIALLY - pregnant moms like urs truly, slippers in the winter should be an acceptable form of shoes. I'm really not sure why people stare so rudely when you're out in slippers. I can't believe I'm typing this because I used to joke that if ur out and about in sweatpants - u know, the kind that taper and cinch at the ankle - then it's a way of telling society u've given up :) hehe. Ummm not so funny now considering that my daily uniform is a pair of sweats, a tshirt, sweatshirt or fleece, cozy socks, a scrunchie of some sort and Comfy shoes. I try to make an effort. I do. I try to make sure I'm wearing cute sweatpeants, a flary variety to fight the frump or a snug shirt since I can while pregnant - the only time I don't have to suck in :) But I stop at the feet. That's where I draw the line. With my aching back this pregnancy and the blistery winter, I've got to have my feet comfy. 

The way I see it: there is a spectrum of slippers that will do and disguised under the right pant, it should be completely ok to be out in them. Some won't ladies. U've got to use ur own discretion! 

During my last pregnancy, as an attorney who worked fulltime and overtime mind you, I made sure I still wore heels to the office. Bad. Move. One day I literally slipped just a wee bit and went flying. I ended up being Ok and baby was ok but my back was BUSTED. I remember getting a lecture and tutorial on how different pregnant backs are and how careful I had to be from the chiropractor, the physical therapist, a physiatrist, the hubbigans and my dad. So the very next day I went out to DSW and scored a pair of slipper shoes. There are two aisles in that store where fancy slippers merge into different types of shoes and u can't tell what is what. What's a girl to do? Who are u going to ask? What is ok? The only thing my waddly achey preggo self was thinking was comfort, comfort, comfort - must find comfort. So I scored these beauties below!! I remember asking the cashier just as I was about to walk away - "Excuse me maam, are these slippers or shoes" and I know in my heart of hearts I heard her say "Slippers" - but I consciously chose to hear "SHOES. It's ok you poor thing, they're SHOES. U can wear them!" :) These babies have gotten me thru many a rough day. I even wore them to court. :) (sorry this is blurry but baby is napping and i finally get to sit down!)

Here is another pair for you. My MIL got them for me last year, god bless her sweet soul. I realized my slipper obsession when I hid them away to save for a rainy day (winter). I stumbled upon them this fall and acted like I struck Gold! How pathetic is that. I swear to god they are like big blankets wrapped around ur feet. They are SO good at what they do. They are undeniably SLIPPERS.... but not so clear to the outside eye. Can u tell? I think not. ESP not when ur wearing a wide legged sweat or jean that covers the white fluffy slipper part :) I advocate for these being considered SHOES!

When u get to this type of slipper with no extra reinforcement at the bottom for outdoor wear but only that cheap thin lining, u clearly don't care what people think. These are clearly hands down Slippers slippers slippers and even I, the strongest slippershoe advocate u'll meet, would say....girl, those are slippers - don't make them shoes.

Now when you get to this slipper, a cushy pink slipper flip flop and decide to go outside in them in the winter with or dare I say without socks on - admit it - stop running. U've given up and it's time. It's time for a spa day for mamma.


  1. That's a nice selection of slippers and I agree - we should be able to wear them outside. :0)

  2. Hi there! It's nice to "meet" you. I think you've gone from collecting heels to collecting slippers. When your kids are a little older, I bet you'll want to put some heels on again. ;) But you do have a nice collection going. Thanks for the visit to my blog!