Saturday, February 6, 2010

Obsessed with Home Decorating and DIY projects

In the last week or so, I've been put to the task of trying to envision every room for our new home. From scratch people! I am completely in over my head here and I'll be the first to admit it.

I've turned to the wonderful world of mommy blogging for some ideas and inspiration. All i have to say is - WOW!!! You ladies are IMPRESSIVE. I had no idea the amount of TALENT out there - how people literally get things for a steal at thrift shops and redo them to look more luxurious than u can ever imagine. This includes chairs, armoirs, tables, nightstands, dressers etc. The same thing applied to whole ROOMS - kitchens, living rooms, dens, bathrooms. A whole world out there of people who have refused to get ripped off paying for the same stuff they get in stores but instead doing it ALL by themselves, making it personal, making it just how they like it, even with a few imperfections - it's perfect and I can't imagine HOW satisfying.

I have now discovered the art of WAINSCOTING. Isnt that a cool word? What a perfect way to combine style and elegance - and apparently very easy to do? Genius i tell u! I never even heard of wainscoting before not to mention have no idea how to pronounce it properly. This whole house hunt and rennov going on has opened such doors!! I think we're going to attempt this ourselves and take it off of the long list of to dos for the contractors. Check these beautiful examples out:

So - I didnt know where to start or how to describe what I liked - all I would do is grunt at ideas the hubs ran by me to the point where the pressure started making me crankyyyy. I've learned that I'm clearly a visual learner and thinker and NEED pictures. I can't just go by how a contractor (complete stranger who doesnt know us or our style) would describe projects they can pull off. Not only is this super expensive but u've got to totally trust the end product which.... is not easy.

With the help of these moms and their wonderful blogs - hopefully I can somehow manage to put my own ideas to task and find exactly the look I'm going for. I'm RE-excited about this all over again. But in the meantime I will be obsessing over any and every picture of home decorating and rennovating out there!! This is all new to me but I am loving it so far :)

Some amazing Blogs I've spent loads of time on already:
I'd love to see any of ur projects if u have any!

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