Friday, February 26, 2010

Fancied up my Bloggy all By Myself :)

This is a big accomplishment for me - someone totally illiterate in html. I changed the background and added a bunch of blinkies and buttons courtesy of this lovely mama's blog for free! yay :) I am on a waiting list for a site re-design but in the meantime, this will have to do. I am very pleased with it if I do say so myself.

In other news over here --- the snow is insanely falling AGAIN. This means another stuck inside with the little bebe trying to figure out what to do and get creative. He is so wired and energetic this little boy - I've got to get him to release his energy since this mama is refusing to drive in this terrible weather to a Gymboree class. It's scary out there! The roads are just horrible and I don't trust my car which has had brake and tire issues for a while now that we keep getting fixed over and over again.

Unfortunately, this may mean we will have to cancel a trip to CT tomorrow to pick tiles. BOOO:((( !!! I want to actually get something accomplished! but safety comes first. Can't wait til the hubs comes home to help me entertain the little guy!!

Here are shots of him having a blast at Gymboree yesterday :) He was acting like such a teacher's pet following the teacher around wherever he went in class - and stomping past any other little kid that got in his way. Oh how he made me laugh :) When class was done and the teacher walked out of the play area, my little boy followed him right out the door. He really took to him! :)


  1. I LOVE your new look! So pretty!

    Hoping that the snow will finally stop for you--is it spring yet?!

    xoxo & cute cute cute pictures honey :)

  2. I thought I was the only one who would sing "Edelweiss" to her kids. :) My 2 year old loves it and will sing along at bedtime. I sing "Taps" to my 4 year old. Strange, I know...but they love it. :) Thanks for the visit!