Friday, February 12, 2010

Super Productive Day in CT

We head up to Ct yesterday after being snowed in for over 24 hours. Wow were we going stir crazy or WHAT! Thank goodness the highways were clean so we trekked out to CT to get some stuff done!! It was a super productive day - I interviewed and chose and even registered with a Pediatrician for Kavan and for the new baby and even an Obstetrician for me. They were both very friendly and super helpful. I was very impressed. 2 more things checked off the list - yay!!

We also head to a specialized super fancy tile place with GORGEOUS tiles - tiles I could never even imagine up in my fantasies if I even tried. I had no idea they could look like this. We set up an appointment to meet with the head designer (ooh la la) for Saturday but in the meantime I took some pics of samples - stay tuned for that post! I'm having a very strong feeling tho that it's going to be WAY overpriced. You know what, it's ok. It's all about keeping an open mind, doing the research and then exploring ways to get ur cake and eat it too on the cheap! mmm... cake.

We then met with a potential contractor again who told us that the Master bath doesnt have enough room for a Shower AND a tub -- BOO! :( So what's a girl to do? 
  1. Choose between the two?
  2. Make a super small tub? or 
  3. Pimp out the Boys' bathroom tub for mama to use as her spa getaway after they go to bed?

    The winner is ------- #1 and #3!

    So we will only have a shower in the master bathroom .... which on the plus side ... saves costs and lets us do more with something else! So the hubbigans agreed to let the boys' bathroom (the main one where guests will use too for showers) be extra nice and not just a plain tub, which there's nothing wrong with but hey - if we're getting things done and can bargain with these contractors and negotiate things to be thrown in here or there - WHY NOT?! I'm ok with it. I'm trying to be super positive about this stuff and not get carried away (veryhardtodo). I'd rather the contractor be up front and honest NOW than later when I'm already dreaming about things. I'd rather have answers now and one less decision to make later. This helps me stay grounded. Our bank account does a very good job of that too. :// Err.Besides, the hubs kept insisting there is no such thing as super small tubs that only little people can use which I kept asking for - just a super small tub, for me? please? Well - hmppf, they're pretty standard apparently? I beg to differ butttt will drop this battle because if we got a small one, that means my over 6 foot tall hubby wouldnt be able to use it.
When is the last time u let urself soak in a tub? God it's been so long but i'm convinced that if i had a nice one, I'd Use it for sure! Stay tuned for PICS of tubs I LIKE

To top the day off, we stopped by a good friend's place for some yummy din din and to let our babies play. My tv obsessed baby must've gotten way too much of a dose of TV during our snowed in day because this is pretty much how he played at our friends' place................. I think it's time for an intervention.

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