Thursday, February 25, 2010

Painting Mismatched Coffee Mugs

For some reason, I've been obsessed with checking out DIY projects online. This is NOT THE TIME for that but during baby's naps - this is what sucks me in. I just love seeing everyone's creativity in action! I have a potential project I want to tackle - post new baby I guess - and wanted to hear some input! I have so many random coffee mugs in my cupboards. I don't want to throw them away. They're in perfectly good condition, just old and mismatched by colors. I'm ok with different styles - I kinda like having a slew of different mugs but I want to paint them all the same color and not sure if this is something u can just DO. I want to paint these ceramic mugs without having to go to a bake place. Too $$. If I use acrylic paint and some sort of gloss varnish, will they last a hand washing or the dishwasher? I'm thinking of just painting on the outside - not the inside.

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