Monday, March 1, 2010

Wakeup call - 2 months til baby!

It just sort've occurred to me that amidst this whole house renov/closing/buying ordeal - WE HAVE A BABY COMING IN 2 MONTHS. Holy crap we have so much to do. Granted we still have Kavan's clothes, toys, bottles etc that will clearly be hand me downs - poor kid. We still have stuff to BUY and get for the newborn and the achier my back gets, the more I realize I am not moving a muscle once April hits. Around the last month of pregnancy, I don't want to do a darnnnnnn thing or go Anywhere and I'm pretty sure that will be the case times 1,000 this time round again.

There are a few baby items I wasn't such a fan of when Kavan was a little nugget.

  1. I didn't like his Comfort Cradle Boppy Bouncer and I dont think he was much of a fan of it either. It seemed boring and too cushy and he looked like he was sinking in it. He never really wanted to be in it or play with it. I didnt really move it from room to room much either which I want to be able to do with the new nugget. I'd like something a bit more functional and baby friendly.
  2. I wasnt such a fan of his Bassinet either. The mattress was super thin and looked uncomfortable and it didnt rock or play music or anything. It turned into a toy chest when we were done with it which is ok but not the greatest feature in the world. I want something that is jazzed up this time round and I can move around if I wanted to.
  3. I didn't like the tub situation for the first few months. I don't feel comfortable bathing him in the sink - never liked the idea of him being nekkie in the kitchen where there is a draft and that everything is so hard around there, counters floors etc. I just stuck to my bedroom where it was nice and cozy and I gave sponge baths on my bed which was a bit silly since it all got wet. I need a tub which encloses a newborn a bit more than the bigger ones for when theyre a few months old.

This time round, I may get this for the next baby - a Fisher Price rock n play bouncer/bassinet. I saw it on this mama's blog with a really helpful review and video of her baby in there and it looks really good!
Fisher-Price Newborn Rock and
 Play Sleeper, Yellow

I also really really liked this TUB for a newborn. I've never seen anything like this and it seems like it snuggles the baby in there perfectly. I saw it on the same mama's blog with a pretty helpful review and video.

I'm still on a search for a really good bassinet. A girlfriend of mine has one where it rocks and plays music and u can detach the bassinet part like a carseat and it can serve as a moses basket essentially - carrying it from room to room, altho it could get pretty heavy. It just seemed so compact and perfect. I'm still on the hunt for it.

If anyone has any items they loved for the second baby that they missed out first time round - pls throw it out there!! I'm all ears :)


  1. Hi!

    hope you can find all you baby items before it's time to just sit back and wait for lion #2 :)

    thanks for stopping by yesterday and entering my giveaway! So glad you like my blog and I hope you'll be back often:)

    Your DAD stencling story totally counts as a giveaway entry! I love that you now have permanent record of the joyous day :) sorry hubby wasn't a fan though!

    I am excited to see all the new creations for your new home!

    Come on by today and link to the party!

    ~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

  2. Thanks for coming by! :) I should show u the picture of the Father's day DAD gift! I will try to find it and email it to u -- the mishap was worth it :)

  3. Thanks so much for the email with Photos! it is a darling idea :) I can't tell you how much it made me smile!

    I am looking forward to seeing your new office space. And take a leap into some color! It is totally worth it. I remember the first time I finally painted a wall in our home and it was like a surge of decortaing energy was released! I have become fearless with color becase I realized that the only thing I have to lose is an afternoon of painting and a $5 gallon of oops paint. Pretty low risk for somthing that might totally pay off :)

    Thanks again for sharing the photos :)
    Looking forward to getting to know you better in Bloggyland!

    ~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress