Saturday, March 6, 2010

DIY Trellis Stencil - Possible?

I'm still looking for design ideas and DIY upgrades for our house on a Budget and that's a Budget with a CAPITAL B even tho said "budget" is super small, with a capital S. Ok enough foolishness. :)

Check out this amazingness. A Do it Yourself Trellis Stencil to be painted on the wall from this FABulous and GORGeous blog - Complete Instructions and step by step pics included. Is this even humanly possible? I dont know but I love everything about it! How glamorous!


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  2. I love the DIY stencil thingy..

    I am wanting to reupholster a chair and I have no idea how..but I love me some DIY projects!

    Found your blog through Friday Follow..

    Happy Saturday!


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    PS. The stenciling is beautiful!


  5. I absolutely love that trellis print! I have wondered the same thing about those stencils. Everyone talks about it like it's a piece of cake but it looks really time consuming.

    If you were willing to spend a little more money, there's trellis print fabric available. I've seen really expensive fabric, but I'm sure there's affordable trellis fabric somewhere. I've read about people using fabric as wallpaper. That could be kind of neat. And if you really love the stenciled look, why not go for it? If worse came to worse, you could just paint over it if you couldn't go on any more.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday! Your wedding picture is absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to keep up with your blog!

  6. Very glamorous indeed!

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  8. LOVE it! amazing..
    i need to send you the link to a blog i read. you may already know of it. it's something like a young couple and a house??? not sure, but i'll dig it up and send it!

  9. I love this trellis stencil too. What a pretty wall. Thanks for sharing with us.