Sunday, March 14, 2010

My baby is still sick :)

My little bean is still sick with a horribly nasty stomach bug. It's been one week of this terrible nasty bug and it is just breaking my heart to see him like this. The vomiting has subsided a bit but now he has very bad cold like symptoms all of a sudden. The doctor said maybe he caught another bug right afterwards? or at the same time? What a week from hell - for him and me. I hate to even mention myself because it's my baby I feel so bad for but in looking for the lesson from all of this - I must say, this week has been so eye opening. There's nothing that throws u for a loop like ur baby being this sick. And on the spectrum of baby sicknesses - this is not as bad as things can be and I realize that. When I think of little helpless babies with cancer etc like I read about this week here, I just can't even fathom the strength needed to endure the pain. This week has put alot into perspective and has put all other trivial life things like picking tiles and vanities to the side in a heartbeat. It has been so very humbling and has strengthened me as a mother. It has shown me the complete dependence and vulnerability a child has on you to care for his needs. He clings to me like a little baby monkey and just needs super extra tlc and to be comforted constantly which I am here for no matter what. There is no whining or complaining about my own needs even for a second. Getting puked on several times a day is absolutely fine with me if it means it's a step closer to him getting better and feeling better. I can't say I would have been like this a few years ago but now, being a mother, things have changed so dramatically - I live for this child and his health and happiness and experiencing this with him this week has reaffirmed to me my role in his life. I want to protect him and comfort him as best I can. I want to crawl into his little system and dig that bug out myself. I want him to be laughing playing and smiling again like u wouldnt believe. I am amazed constantly how much my little miracle is always teaching me. I truly feel that being a parent and going thru times like this with your most loved child makes u a better human being in the end. 

Cross ur fingers he gets better soon. I am so anxious to see my angel smile and laugh again.


  1. Candy, you truly are an amazing mother and its just so amazing to hear you speak with such love - I guess illness, on whatever scale it might be on the spectrum really does put things into perspective and just re-enforces your love and warmth towards a person... praying that the little money is up to his antics soon enough again... lots of love to you both...

  2. sorry your *cub* is ill. hopefully everyone will feel all healthy and happy!

  3. Thanks Shivvy and Janeen. He is all better finally!! Well not 100% but about 90% - still congested and snotty but thats ok, he can tough that out!! The stomach bug seems to be gone tho. PHEW