Friday, March 5, 2010

Punjabi Alphabet

Enough moping :) Moving onward and forward! Phew

Since I was born in New Delhi, India, my first language was Punjabi as well as some Hindi. We came to the USA when I was very very little and my parents really just acclimated us into this society, culture and school system. They spoke Punjabi in the house but and sometimes insisted that we speak but it was never pushed onto us. We understand it fluently and can speak if and when we need to and with the grandparents but I wish I retained the language as much as a native speaker. Now that I have a son, I see the value in preserving ur native tongue and I want him growing up knowing Punjabi if not speaking it well. I've been making MUCH more of a concerted effort to constantly speak it around him as much as I can manage. He knows his words in English and the equivalent in Punjabi. We read so many English books together, I've wanted to read him his Punjabi children's books but am not that fluent to do it seamlessly SO I've been looking for ways to keep up with my Punjabi reading and writing much more on a daily basis. It should be a part of our days but just falls into the category of things u want to get to but never do. :/

I have a poster I made of the Punjabi alphabet hanging in our bedroom a long time ago so whenever we're just sitting around or feeding the baby ever since he was born I could look up and review. It's not the most aesthetically pleasing decor for a bedroom but it has a purpose and functions!! If any of u are curious what out alphabet looks like (in my handwriting at least) - here it is :)

Just a few days ago my girlfriend Sonia (hey girl!) told me there is an iphone app for Punjabi letters. (Go visit her fabulous website for Indian weddings if u can here). I have my iphone on me all DAY and just downloaded the app and it is FABULOUS. It is such an easy and fun way to learn the Punjabi alphabet. You just tap on the screen and a voice plays the sound of the letter in audio and moves onto the next letter with just a tap. Isn't technology amazing?!

Not only am I on it whenever I have down time to review my letters but I give the phone to baby baby snatches my phone out of my hands and finds the app himself and plays with it all the time. He isn't repeating letters yet but he is exposed to it and I love that!! It's a start and it's a positive direction. I don't think it'll confuse him. Kids are sponges at this age so I think it's good for him.

Here are some more Punjabi alphabet posters that I love and want to put up in the boys' rooms when they're a bit older.


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  3. Is it strange that I think that the poster of those letters is really beautiful?

    My father was raised in Indonesia and Europe and spoke many, many different languages fluently. I always regret not learning them.


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  7. Hi, great blog.

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