Monday, March 29, 2010

Moving Day is Here

Ok lovies the day has come for us to finally MOVE to our new house! very super oober goober excited for this! 2 Huge vans arrive first thing in the morning. My in laws have been here helping me and Hubs with things and they leave tomorrow morning and my dad comes in to help out.

Packing has been alot of work but almost at its end, thank god almighty. The last few days with the end of the packing has been absolutely nuts. The days have gone quickly but not quick enough if that makes sense. It's just been overwhelming. My aches and pains are at an all time high but no worries - I plan on lifting not a thing but my finger to point to where I want things. Unfortunately for me - even walking at this point is a challenge.

I still can't believe I'm doing this being 9 months pregnant and with a 16 month old in tow. One day I will look back on this time and be so glad we pushed to get thru it to be in our new home. Sigh :) I just love the sound of that! OUR HOME.

By the way - wishing my little lion a happy 16 months this week. Poor thing's schedule has been so thrown off and he has spent quite a bit of time with his friends on Nick Jr so we could get something accomplished! ://// err. I'll make it up to him :)

I'll be MIA for a bit since I don't have any fancy guest bloggers to post in my absence :) We are moving into a hotel first until renovations are either done or the bulk of the way thru to be safe to at least live around with a toddler and (baby) ... hopefully not yet - this little guy in my belly needs to bake a bit longer.

I'll be back as soon as we get internet installed in the new place. In the meantime - enjoy the rest of March and can u believe it's already APRIL?

P.S. Pray for us that everything goes smooth!

P.P.S. Also pray for us some extra that we get our security deposit back. I have a feeling the landlord here is gonna be a real stickler bout every little thing. :/

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