Thursday, March 11, 2010

Little Green Chaise

Around the time we got married, we invested in ginormous sized couches from Jennifers Convertibles which we loved for a few years and have gotten great use out of since one of them is a pullout bed.  However, we've recently started hating how BIG these sofas are and how bulky they look next to each other. They dominate any room they are in together. U can barely pass by one of them to get into the next room when they're laid next to each other and when u sit on them, u now sink into a sea of oversized pillows on the darn thing. 

I didn't know the rules were to buy one large couch and one loveseat?! We were so naive in those early days. The store was having a sale where you get two of the longer ones for a lesser price so as youngins we figured, "hey why not - bigger is always better - and let's get more bang for our buck right?" WRONG. Stupid stupid

We've tried to sell these bad boys - but no one is biting. :/ We love the idea of a cozy sectional now but not the idea of re-investing lots of money into another couch and not have a place to put it. We need to get rid of the first set before we think of spending another dime. The time has come to separate these siblings.

I think I've found a solution that the new house being a raised ranch will allow us to work with! We can put one down in the playroom/den and the other in the main living room upstairs. This way we can get a bit creative with a living room layout that's not overwhelmed by mammoth couches. Maybe flank one couch with a chair or two we can buy or reupholster - I smell a DIY project coming on. :)

It's time to think out of the box and go with a grownup setup and a purchase we normally wouldn't look at twice. Enter the little green chaise. :) I never paid attention to the idea of a chaise lounge in the house, anywhere. BUT - I came across this beauty this past weekend and just happened to flop down onto it mainly due to my aching back being 8 plus months preggo!! Omg I was in heaven. It was perfecT!! perfect size, pefect fluffiness, perfection in comfort, perfect for raising ur feet up on, just perfect. I loved it and am now determined to bring this little nugget home and love it and let it grow and thrive :) Problem - this cost $500 at a Macy's clearance center - clearance my foot. I would say it's a ripoff but it was undeniably the most comfortable thing my tush has ever encountered.

My antennae are turned towards chaises now. Must find chaises. How odd would it look with non matching furniture? Does it just take up the space a loveseat would? Do u need to get the additional pieces to its collection? I've never seen indoor chaises - not that it would be a reason to stay away from it. I will be actively looking for room setups with chaise lounges now - if u run across any, send them my way!


  1. I like the look of non-matchy sets, so I would think you'd be fine. I've never thought about chaises though... it prob wouldn't be functional for us but if it works for you I say go for it! we have an oversized arm chair and love that. I can't wait to see the living room once it is all set up!

  2. I don't think all furniture needs to match - it's actually more interesting if it doesn't! Go for it!

  3. Absolutely - I agree that the furniture definitely does not need to match but what you can do is tie in all the furniture with matching cushions... We have a chaise in our living room and I promise you, we use it so so much because if you just wanna lie down in front of the telly, its the most comfortable thing and you can fit so many people on there when you have a party etc...

  4. Thanks for all the input! I am loving the idea of a chaise. It looks so hip, no? Shiv - I totally think itd be used. In fact when u come here for wedding celebs, I insist u test it out :) Now can someone spot me $500 for this baby :)