Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lovin' Lowe's

Lowe's has a ton of stuff super handy for home renovations. It's one of my new favorite places to go these days. Home Depot doesn't have as many displays - which are critical! I know they both have tons in binders and pictures u can take a look at but I can do that at home! I want to walk into a store and see what my vanity will look like in different sizes etc. This in the end is what brings me back to look and relook at these things in the stores. I'm surprised they don't put more on display. Am I the only visual thinker out there? like 3D visual? I think not?

We are on the hunt for the perfect vanities for the house. Is it just me or are these things super expensive? Jeez. Everything kinda is tho when it comes to home renovs. Yikes. We went to a place our contractor recommended in Bridgeport Ct yesterday and if we buy from there we get his contractor discount so that's an incentive but at the end of our visit, the numbers were just too high. I liked the stuff at Lowe's just as well - now time to get exactly what we want.

We need vanities for 3 bathrooms.
  1. Powder room downstairs - something small and simple, something dark brown and white to martch the dark chocolate paint and white wainscoting for those walls and we want a a country like sink similar to the kitchen sink we're going to go with.

  2. Main Hall bathroom for guests and the boys  - I have a specific picture in mind -  something all in white, 48 inches, silver hardware, one sink altho it's plumbed for 2 (Hubs wants to keep 2 - I want 1, stay tuned for hte final decision!) and a travertine countertop. Since it's a long bathroom, I'd like a tall tower of a linen closet right up against the left hand side of the sink/vanity piece.

    Saw this at Lowe's and want it in white. Not too bad pricewise. That's without the countertop. I'm thinking we can just get all our countertops where we get the granite for the kitchen? & get a deal?  

    This is my vision in my head for this main boys bathroom in terms of the vanity and countertop --   
  3. Master bathroom - flexible on this one so maybe something brown or whatever we can afford after the last 2 :) Loved this beauty I saw at Lowe's:
 and I'd like it to look like this-->


  1. We loved lowe's too! So funny - i remember the vanities you posted. we were totally going to go with ones from here if they had them in the sizes we needed. But you're right - it's a great visual store. We were there every other day. So how much of the renos are you getting done now?

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