Saturday, September 4, 2010

I've been MIA, i know..

the days are just flying. I feel like I always say that though! Unbelievable that is is already september. The summer has come and gone. I have to admit that I was a little done with summer around mid August. The heat gets unbearable. The carting the kids everywhere and slopping sunblock on them gets a bit treacherous when ur drenched in sweat. And I'm tired of running the air conditioner and fans and blasting it on in the car as well. I'm ready for leaving windows open, feeling a crisp fall breeze, putting on a light sweater and fall decor! :) Autumn is my very favorite season of the year and I'm looking forward to it. So goodbye summer and hello fall!

Alot has been going on in our little world since my last post. My grandmother in India had a stroke and is very sick in the ICU. I was about to hop on a plane to India to go be with her but leaving my babies home isn't something I was ready to swallow. So we are preparing their passports to be able to make a trip soon. Please keep her in your prayers.

We made a trip to Florida to visit the hubs' brother and his family - his wife and 3 kids. They just had a baby girl 3 weeks after my baby was born in May and we were lucky enough to go visit her and our niece and nephew. The kids had a great time and it was a lovely visit - too short.

I have some fall decor plans up my sleeve. It's already Sept and it's primetime to start putting lovely hues of deep oranges, browns, burgundy and gold out. Love it!

I've forced myself to pickup reading novels again and am in the middle of Promises to Keep by Jane Green. I love being in the middle of a good book, following a story, anticipating what's to follow, falling in love with its characters, looking forward to the next chance u get to read just a bit more and then devouring the same author's next book. Jane Green has become one of my favorites. Originally I just started reading her stuff like Mr. Maybe and Jemima J and Straight Talking for some mindless light chic lit on my commute to the city. Her latest books have taken a more serious tone and they're absolutely fabulous. If u haven't read it, I recommend The Beach House. It was a great read. I'm not done with this novel yet but I love how creative she is - each chapter concludes with a recipe of a dish that was mentioned in the story during that particular chapter. I plan on photocopying all these pages and trying them out for sure!

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