Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nature Center

The other day I took the boys for an outing. I wanted to do something different so I took a chance and took them to a nature center in our town. It was amazing and Kavan, my (almost) 21 month old had a great time! He was so intrigued by all the "natural" activities found there like playing with toy versions of natural elemnts - acorns, leaves, fossils, butterly and insect imprints and seeing all teh exhibits and learning about different ecosystems and animals and their roles. I know he is a bit young but not for a minute do I underestimate this child. I explained everything the center had to offer to him and he was intrigued. I am pretty certain he followed along. This age is such a joy because now I am seeing all the feedback he is giving me. He says and does everything I've been rambling on to him over our days together since he was a baby :) It's such a pleasure. My favorite part of the center was a wall of tiles with beautiful quotes about nature on them. It was set up by the doors as u leave and I spent a good 20 minutes reading them and pointing out the different trees, birds and pictures to Kavan. Here are some pics (i took alot) of what I'm talking about. Which one is ur favorite? :)


  1. I love that last photo! My favorite is The Earth May Be Borrowed But Not Bought :)

  2. OOh, that looks great. Is it in Stamford? Let me know next time you go lady.