Friday, August 13, 2010

Board O' Fun for toddlers

I'm always looking for interactive fun and simple toys for my 20 month old to play with. With books he wants to lift the flaps, pull the handles where the arrow points or touch the fuzzy hair on some animal. At the fridge he is constantly drawn to the alphabet magnets and farm animal toys we have stuck to it. I see that he prefers more simple toys that he can explore like the melissa and doug wooden toys rather than the plasticy noisy toys with sounds and lights that do the work for u.

I made a no brainer board for him the other day. Last year I had these little wooden animals I picked up from Michael's in his room when he was a baby, I stuck them to the wall with velcro. Bad move - it pulled off the paint and some of the wall along with it :/ So this time around I made it on a white board I had lying around. just buy a pack of velcro dots with the sticky backs at walmart - maybe $4 and u can stick anything on there: cutout shapes, letters, these little wooden animals, flashcards etc.

Im happy to report that he loves his new little toy. I'll name an animal and have him pick it out or stick it on. We talk about each animal. It's a bit more involved and interactive even if it means just sticking it on and taking it off rather than just pointing to something in a book (which we do plenty of as well). This was just to change things up a bit. I've also added a bunch of more shapes and letters and animals with velcro on the back to switch up the objects on his board o' fun! The best part is that it is portable and we can take it from room to room and in the car on a long drive. Simple, easy peasy and cost to me - around $5.

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