Thursday, August 5, 2010

Craft Fair Purchases

2 weekends ago there was a craft fair in a town over from us. I love crafts (obviously) and love supporting local artisans. I thought it'd be a nice outing for the boys as well - something different. We had a great time, saw some neat items and met some new people! My little lions were such troopers :) It was a hot day and it was outside and mama took her time looking through stuff. Everything at the fair was on the pricey side but personally, I don't mind spending on hand made works and products with a special message because the quality is so much better. I'm trying to incorporate quality or quantity in our lives in general!

Here's Kavan :)

I came across a booth that was selling children's toys, books, cds and the like. The stuff was beautiful and very brightly colored and illustrated beautifully. I was instantly drawn to it. Then I started looking at some of the prices and eek!! too high. It was definitely expensive esp for a mama with 2 children who wants to get them each a few things. We settled for 2 books. I started speaking with the lady and I fell in love with the concept of the products. The brand is called Barefoot Books and the items really expose children to other cultures and people of the world and tell colorful stories from every country and even in different languages. This was right up my alley!! And wouldn't you know it - I came across a book of children's stories from our country, India with stories from all the different states in India, including Punjab! The stories are long but they are common tales that children grow up hearing and knowing when they are young. My babies are a bit young for these but there's no harm in beginning to show Kavan the different stories with their pictures and make shorter versions of the stories to tell him.

I also came across some beautiful pottery. I knew I had to have a piece! It was so hard to choose! I love hand crafted and homemade items, especially pottery and always try to support anyone putting such love and effort into making something like that. A friend of mine is a potter so I know how much work she puts into her pieces I'm thinking a plant that roots right into the water of a little clear pot and then placed right inside the pottery piece would look better than this small terra cotta pot here. Here are a few pics. Pls don't mind the cell phone quality to them or that the house is a mess :) thanks!

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  1. The books look great - I love their bright colors, and the colors in the pottery, too!