Monday, August 9, 2010

Sectional Shopping

Since moving into this new house we realize that there's not much by way of seating for guests here. We have one set of massive couches we got from Jennifer's Convertibles the year we got married. We split them up where one couch is in the main living room/ tv area and the other is downstairs in the den/playroom. It serves its purpose for each room but if more than 2 bodies want to sit down in the living room, they have to pull up a heavy hard dining room chair near the sitting area. Awkward. :/

We've always loved the idea of a sectional and have been sectional shopping!! I'm thinking it's a great use of the space. To give u a visual to work with, this is a picture of the main living room area (prior to renovations, painting and moving in!). It's a big space with high ceilings (and beautiful beams :)). Right now, our long couch is against that bare wall in the back .... and that's it?! We're thinking a cozy sectional will fit nicely right into that corner u see.

I found a pic I took of the couch as it currently sits. Pls ignore the bright white lights, the baby chair, the boppy, the pack n play and the .. mess. err.

My husband is entertaining the idea of a leather sectional. Me? Not a fan. I want something that's gonna catch my back when I plop down and give me cushion yet support. That falls along the lines of the couches that look like they have a bubbly back. do u know what I mean? Hubs is not a fan. grumble grumble. He wants extra loungy and super soft as in when u sit down - u fall right in. That doesn't help me when I need to sit down with the babies - it's so much work to scooch back up and get some bearing to feed them! That's my problem with this couch now. It's 8 years old and still in good condition but when u sit down, u sink into it til the point of no return without a bit of an ab workout and trust me - that's Not the reminder I need right now with this post baby body. (:///). Oh and hubs is also insisting one end of it be a chaise for his loungey HGTV tv  time after the kids go to bed. I can't argue with him there. The man knows what he wants. We just have to find a happy medium because these babies are expensive!

Here's a few sectionals we came across while shopping.

I loved this one. It's on the more affordable end. It looks like leather but it's microsuede. My hubs hates that and feels it looks cheap.
A sectional we saw at Lillian August - one of our favorite home stores. It's beautiful and white and SUPER comfy but super expensive too and kinda on the small end...

I loved the shape and size of this sectional - altho this particular one looks like it was made out of 300 parakeets or something. Sorry animal lovers. Jk. U can customize it to ur colors and fabrics and tubing around the borders of the cushions. It broke my heart when I sat on it because it just wasn't that comfortable....

This one looked nice but not comfortable - so it's out. Hubs didn't like the bubbly back look altho it's not as bad as some other ones i loved...

Ok this is the epitome of a bubbly back sectional. Hubs hated it. I thought it was amazingly comfortable which in my opinion is all that really matters and who cares what it looks like - it's not as important to me as the functionality of the piece. It's out .... :( bye bubbly back

NOW THIS is the piece I am hoping I can convince him on. It's a perfect corner unit for our space. It's a neutral enough color. It has a chaise. It's not THAT expensive. Not as expensive as some others that we have seen. And it's really comfortable. He wasn't budging in the store but I'm hoping I can talk him into rethinking this one. Unfortunately I can't just get my way on this - we both have to love it but I'm not sure how that's gonna happen with such different tastes!

The search for our perfect sectional continues....

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  1. How about a compromise of leather and fabric? I've seen couches that have a beautiful blend of both leather and fabric. I've never noticed if sectionals come this way. Might be something to look at. Out of the choices you've vote is for #1. Looks so comfy!

    Good luck! :)