Wednesday, September 29, 2010

4 months old already?!

When did this happen?? I'm late in posting this picture (surprise surprise) but i had to get it in there. Jeevan is actually over 4 months old at the moment. Sometimes I kick myself that these monthly picture signs are not cuter with the little onesies I've seen with a number for the months old the baby is or the coordinating signs for every month and matching clothes but u know what? this is REAL life and i'm in the trenches of in ur face, running around like a crazy person, trying to do it all and be a good mama and wife - REAL LIFE. So this is it and it's as real as u get - a sign written in any pen I could find and gone over with highlighter. .... And now that I look at it with a closer eye, I have to smile's perfect. and so is HE. Dear Jeevu, I love u more than u could ever imagine little angel. mwa.

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  1. I LOVE it! And I love that you are a REAL mom & a real woman that I can look to and smile and know I am not alone and not all of us are Marthas.

    The truth of life is so important. I always tried to clean up and comb hair & wipe faces before I took pics and I had a friend (who was looking through my scrapbook) mention how everything is a mess in her life and her kids aren't ever clean etc. I was like,"That's my life too!" she said,"Yeah, right. You always have everything together and you make the rest of us feel bad." She said it smiling but it put a thought in my head...cuz she didn't know me well and hadn't been to my house unless I had straigethened it up and threw all my crap behind a door.
    But I was giving the wrong impression about my life and what it really was and the chaos that it is. My best friends can tell you the havoc that is my home =).

    Your kids will appreciate the reality and the fact that you took time to do this, even with it's imperfect- ness and not matching-ness.

    & that slightly older than 4 months child is ADORABLE & I just wanna squeeze his little thighs!!!!!!!