Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tile Store Mixup of our Granite Slab works out in our favor :)

Before we embarked on choosing our granite for the kitchen, we researched a TON of options. Since we were going with Ikea cabinets, we were just going to go with one of their granites which had to be included in the special deal they were offering of getting cabinets, granite, 2 appliances installed and 20 % off in the end. This ended up just being the offer if u went with an order in a NY store. Since we switched over to CT and wanted to avoid a $400 plus delivery fee of cabinets from NY to CT - we ended up going with a CT deal of buying ikea cabinets with 3 appliances but not having to commit to their granite. I happened to really like the Ikea granite. But that's ok. The tile store we ended up getting all our tile from had a granite slabyard that we visited MANY A DAY!!!! 

Going to the slabyard and choosing the granite was a challenging experience being this pregnant (almost 10 months) and having a very active 17 month old who just wanted to play with all the slabs of stone! So dangerous but we had to juggle him around and manage him to get the task done! We ended up finding something we liked and the lady workign with us gave us a sample of what we ordered - a Santa Cecelia Granite. Ends UP that she actually ordered a slab of Gallo Ornamental granite - not the sample she gave us and not what we ordered, BUT happens to be the granite we originally picked from IKEA in the beginning of this process in the Ikea store in NY!

Im starting to really believe everything happens for a reason and there exists a crazy cosmic fate out there for even HOME renovations!! :) So the end of the story is that we told her that even tho she made a mistake, we are happy with the granite that was mistakenly ordered for us. Pics below!!

We ordered and she gave us a sample of this SANTA CECELIA GRANITE but now that the slab has come in - it looks way too black and orange and tiger stripey to me and I don't like it :////

Here is the GALLO ORNAMENTAL granite that was mistakenly ordered - but which we like better. It's more beigey with less black veins running thru it and I think itd match our white cabinets better. Def the look hubs and I prefer.

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