Saturday, May 1, 2010

Truly Madly Deeply ....

in LOVE with our staircase runner!!

Hello everyone! Ok - A huge massive update is sounding more impossible as the days go by SO i'm going to just post little bits of what's been done here and there.

Earlier I posted our options for runners for the stairs. Remember this slab?

I had an inspirational pic to go off of and my number one choice was way too expensive but everything has worked out in the end! The staircase runner is the first thing u see when u walk in the house and I wanted to open the house up to a bright cozy traditional yet classic look. Most of what I liked was out of our budget but I went back to the store and went thru EVERYTHING and found this. I have been on pins and needles waiting to see what it's going to turn out like - I was feeling GOOD about it and now that it was installed yesterday - I am truly, madly, deepy in love with it.

When the carpet guys came, I just had to pick a matching seam on the sides - they all looked the same but I ended up staying away from yellow or white and went with cream and I think it came out pretty great

Here is how it looks on our stairs. I absolutely LOVE IT!

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