Monday, April 26, 2010

Too much to Update!

I've been so delinquent but I genuinely have a gazillion good reasons for being MIA - 2 of them being (1) being homeless and (2) being excessively pregnant and in pain!!

sigh. This has been one of hte most challenging months of our lives here - going from hotel to friends' places to the floor of our new house. Renovations are not done yet but are close. This baby could come ANY day now which is putting alot of stress on us but we're learning to have an adventure with it and just go with the flow. I def have very low moment of being in complete despair because of all the pain associated with this pregnancy - I can barely walk some days and feel bad for my 16 month old who has learned how to SPRINT! god help me.

I have LOTS of renovation pictures and stories but may just post them all in one batch because i just can't keep up with it everyday.

The latest update is that last night was the first night we slept at the new house. We have a mattress on the floor and running water in one of the bathrooms. Still no floors, carpets, kitchen, fridge, vanities or shower ready. Sigh... Trying to hang in there!! Miss all u lovelies!!