Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Busting out of my Maternity Clothes!

Yes the time has come where I have surpassed even the large and extra large sizes of my MATERNITY CLOTHES. Have i mentioned how fun this last month is? Huge Sigh! I refuse to buy more - this is ridiculous. The weather is so erratic here these days too - some days really hot and some days really cold. I think i have to just resort to my hubs' clothes - that would be a men's extra large which fits jusssssst right and sometimes snug. vomit. Getting this big is so hard! I don't care about the weight. I've lost it once and know I'll lose it again - it's just the moving around I can barely manage now. A pregnant girlfriend of mine told me her OB prescribed her codine. I don't know why I found that so appealing considering I don't even let myself take tylenol for my back pain. So when I walked into my new OB's office, the first thing that came out of my mouth (as if I was possessed) was - can u give me codine???? haha She just responded by saying that we normally don't like to prescribe narcotics off the bat - why don't u try tylenol, tiger. :) So tylenol it is. I am caving in and letting myself have tylenol and have been putting an ice pack on my back and other aches and pains at night and last night it actually worked! If I can just get thru the next few weeks like this - it might just be ok.

What's NOT ok is that the contractors don't seem to be working as hard as I think they should be. I'm here at the house during the day trying to make some sense of our stuff with nowhere to put anything b/c the place is truly a construction zone - but no one else is here!! Why isnt anyone working???? I need to see the work happening to believe it. We are waiting and waiting but for what? Getting a little anxious here. ALOT ALOT anxious.

Updates so far:

  • We have ordered carpets for the bedrooms (2 kids rooms and our master bedroom). It is a beige remnant piece which we got half off because someone cancelled their order with the store so they are stuck with tons of this beige carpet, which isnt the BEST quality but it does the trick. Score. We can't afford going with the fancy carpet/runner which is ok. This is all extra fluff that are not necessities so it's just fine.
  • We were quoted an arm and leg for tiling the laundry area and next door powder room downstairs. We thought they'd just "throw it in" for us considering how much we are getting done so we bought some super cheap extra tiles from Home Depot for 57 cents a sq foot and asked if they'd throw it in but they didn't bite. Yikes. SO we're now getting an environmental wooden flooring for that area. Not so sure wooden flooring should go down in a laundry and bathroom area with potential water spillage but that's what we're doing. We placed the order, got our quote, had the guy measure the area and picked up the wood. Did anyone know the wood has to sit in the room in which it's going to be installed for ONE WEEK to match the temperature of the room. I didn't. Now I do. and now we wait one extra week. FML.
  • We went to check out faucets and fixtures today at a super fancy store so we can find hte more affordable version elsewhere, perhaps online. We love the idea of a rain shower - but there are SO many kinds and so many varieties. May just close our eyes and point to pick this one :) 

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  1. Oh you are so where I was a year ago! Our youngest was born last May on the 13th and by mid-April I was just miserable. I think it's even harder to be super pregnant when you have other kids to tend to-hang in there!

    Thanks for your kind words on my blog. I'll definitely be taking you up on that offer for advice! For instance, I'd love to hear what you think is the best major to segue into law school. I love political science, but I don't know if that's the right way to go. I figure it might help in the long run (since my eventual goal is to become a judge) but I'm not sure...

    I'm so glad you took the time to visit me so that I could find your blog! I'm your newest follower =)