Thursday, April 8, 2010

Update with Pics

My first exciting update is that my breeched baby has turned and is now getting in position to come out and play! :) I saw my new OB in CT this week and she re-evaluated whether I would need an early C section or not and said nope - she could feel the head down and everything, so that just made me ecstatic. What was worrying me about it is that the contractors are takign 3 more weeks for renovations and the early c section would have been within 2 weeks. U do the math. :/// Phew. That was a close call. So now - whenever the little bugger is ready to come is when he comes :)

Next up is some pictures!! The contractors have been hard at work and I wanted to track some of their hard work with pics on my blog. It's been alot of work for us everyday running around picking tiles, colors, backsplashes, paint, vanities, carpets, runners, bullnoses, fixtures etc. I can't imagine doing this footwork in CT from NY! I have to say - even tho living in a hotel right now is not ideal - it's better being local and available to do this stuff NOW than later or earlier when we were driving 2 hours each way to get things done. The days have been flying. We literally leave first thing in the morning to set out on our day and don't come back til 9 or so at night at which point we go for a dip in the hotel pool which Kavan is LOVING and then crash and get rested for the next day.

Here is a picture of the runner I absolutely LOVE for our stairs going up to the main level. Now how to replicate it. ??

Now here are 3 pics of the runner i fell in love with at the local carpet store here that resembles my inspirational pic. Problem - it's a little pricey. Ok, alot pricey. The hubs has been researching places online to get it at a discounted rate. He fell in love with it too - not sure if it was my convincing or what but he's on board which is what matters! :) The color I like is the mustardy yellow. It's different and it really pops with the white design. I included a closeup. Isn't it gorg? The only reason I would justify this purchase is because our home is a raised ranch and it's the FIRST thing ur eyes move towards when u enter the house and hte first surface u really have to walk on before u head up to the main level where the main living areais (kitchen, bedrooms, living room, dining room). Doesn't do wonders for the bank and NOT an essential by any means but... me likey :///

The carpet guys are telling us it's so expensive because it's a WOOL carpet. Who needs a wool carpet? So then I asked how do I get this pattern or this look in a non wool carpet. Translation - how do i get THIS but way cheaper? :) Hubs gets embarrassed by my bluntness but we don't have time to dilly dally and play niceities. I know what I like and I know we have a budget. The carpet guy showed me a non wool option with a similar pattern but a little brighter of a yellow and honestly, i love it too. It's def not as subtle of a mustard but pops just as well and hubs likes it alot and the best part - it's HALF the price. If hubs finds a deal on the one we love (above), then I think we'll go with that but the cheaper one (below) is actually closer to my inspirational pic. What to do? Which one do u like better?

Here are some work in progress pics of the renovations. As of last week, the kitchen wall we wanted down has been knocked down, the heating that needs to be run under the kitchen island is being installed, and the master bath and boys' bathroom is being gutted and built on.

Here is my little lion Kavan playing in big moving boxes. on top of big moving boxes and around lots of moving boxes. Poor kid is subjected to so many boxes packed and unpacked and playing around them just as happy as can be. What a trooper!

Here is the kitchen wall knocked down and floor opened up for heating to be installed under the island. Right next to that pic is a picture of the structure for the dry wall to go up where a rod iron railing was. I feel better about dry wall going up so there are no accidents with the babies. Plus I saw my little guy throwing cars and things thru the rod iron bars that were previously there and immediately I knew it was gonna be a "problem area" for mama to clean up!! Dry wall it is!! :)

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