Thursday, November 11, 2010

Impromptu Chocolate Chip Muffins

Have u ever been in a crazy rush but need to get something made and just use the first recipe that comes up on google? That's what happened to me yesterday when the first batch of blueberry muffins my husband made turned out not so hot. I am sick with a cold and hosted a playdate at the house yesterday. Why? Well - sigh, because that's ME and my life. :/ The hubs wanted to help so before he went to sleep he made a box of blueberry muffins I asked if he could whip up - for those that don't know him - I must share that he LOVES TO BAKE. I was shocked they didn't come out well. It can't be him - it must've just been a cheap mix or something because they were terrible and he really is quite the baker.

As soon as I realized these weren't going to work, while still in my towel from getting out of the shower I said alright no worries and I googled chocolate chip muffins sine I knew I had choc chips on hand and muffins are just perfect for a morning playdate at the house. I used this recipe and frantically worked away. As I'm mixing and stirring, my eyes scan down the page and I'm reading the reviews of these muffins being awful and starting to realize this is how they're going to taste?! so I start adding and recreating a new recipe - bad news. Why is following a recipe so difficult for me?!

Well it turned out they were perfect and scrumptious and quite a hit. Here are some pics! Can't u just smell them through the screen!

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