Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pray for my Nanima

My Nanima is my beautiful grandmother. She is my mother's mother and she is sick. She is very sick. She had a massive stroke a few months ago in India and has since had a series of problems after the fact. Last week my uncle brought her over here to America on a plane, sedated. She is one strong lady to make that 24 hour flight. She was immediately put into the ICU at the hospital when she landed  and has been there since. This past weekend was the first time in a few years that I got to see her. We are extremely close and it BROKE my heart to see her helpless in that condition. Her right side is paralyzed - she is not eating, not talking, not moving, not anything. She was otherwise SUCH a vibrant woman who LOVED just Loved to laugh and giggle and chat and share secrets and get dressed up and get manicures and wear revlon's toasted almond lipstick :) I brought my 2 babies to see their great grandmother in the hospital and thru that one eye she has working, I saw a emotion. I saw recognition. She laid her hand on their heads and gave them her blessings. She looked at me in pain. I don't know if she is physically in pain but she moans and groans and is understandably uncomfortable. I know she wants to live and I know she wants to fight. I have been a walking zombie since seeing her and can't think of much else these days but her. I love her dearly and need her. I don't have my mother anymore and my nanima is a piece of my mother that I have left. I need her - we all do. I know things are not good right now but I will continue to stay positive and hope for the best. She deserves it. Without her, none of us would be here. She is an amazing lady and she deserves us fighting for her, rooting for her, willing her to continue to want to live. I believe with time, prayers and therapy, she can show improvement - anything better than this.

Please pray for her - Please pray my nanima gets better soon.

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