Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Drumroll Please...................

WE GOT THE HOUSE!!!! yipppeeee!!

We were waiting alllll day for a call from our realtor for news, any news. All the bids for the house went in by Noon. We got a tip from the sellers' agent saying if they could come up jussssttt a bit - the sellers reallly like their closing date. Of course she can't reveal anything - but I was surprised at not revealing ANYTHING like even the number of offers. I wasn't asking for the prices but just an idea of just HOW many offers were on the place. SO we just bit down hard and said - asking price, we will offer asking price - well just a tad more. We were even prepared to go 15K OVER asking price - the hubster loved it that much.

We couldn't sit inside and just wait so we head out to distract ourselves and went to Home Depot of all places to check out kitchen cabinets and countertops and bathroom tiles and vanity cases too. Pure torture because if we didn't get it, it was kinda just getting our hopes up. WELL -- low and behold -- the realtor calls us AT HOME DEPOT and lets us know our wait has finally paid off and we got the property! We were even told that there were multiple offers for higher than asking price but they went with us because they liked how fast we want to close - little do they know our reasoning takes into account another little chicken nugget on the way to being born - we've got to get in there ASAP.

We are so happy and excited, we just can't believe it's true. Things like this don't really work out for us so we kept coming up with backup plans and options and settling on this house or that house etc. It took a few hours to sink in but I kept asking the Hubs if he was happy and he really is and so am I. I'm actually over the moon that we don't have to househunt ANY MORE! the idea of our weekends just put into packing, planning, rennovating and moving sounds like a dream to me at this point. I know it's going to be hard tho. We have alot of work to do in the house and considering that we are paying asking price, it's cut into how much we can actually get done now - things may have to wait - which is fine! I just feel like a kid so anxious and excited to get in there - our first real home and make it our own :)

Here is a pic of the front and back of the house for ur viewing pleasure :)

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  1. Ohhhh...honey I love it!! Congrats congrats congrats!

    I am SO happy for you guys!!