Thursday, January 21, 2010

Househunting Up to our Ears!

The frustrations of househunting are really starting to get to us!! We live in NY and are hunting for a home in CT - technically our first home - so it's a special move you see. After having searched for 4 months so far and being thissssssss close - something always inevitably pops up and snatches our dream home right out of our hands :( The drive to CT akes 2 hours each way and consists of one grouchy and hungry preggo (me) wrestling an overactive toddler in the backseat who refuses the carseat every minute of the way. I know I know - he should be in the carseat - but it is next to impossible. He literally cries in it until he throws up everything he has eaten that day so I resort to holding onto him tightly. Don't judge me! Poor kid - I'm convinced that the 4 months of looking with 8-10 hours in the car every trip has traumatized him. He's spent a third of his first year in that darn car!

To make matters more complicated - our search criteria must accomodate a severely obese and very lazy basset hound (ok, totally my fault I'll admit) who refuses to do stairs so the house has to have easy access for her to go in and out to go to the bathroom. I won't even let myself fall in love when anything that requires lifting her up a flight of deck stairs b/c let me tell u - carrying a 75 pound dog when pregnant or when holding a newborn or a toddler clasped to my leg outside is NOT FUN!

The status to date is that we are in the throes of negotiating terms of a contract on a house at this very moment - like, literally. We have an accepted offer and are just waiting for agreement on a closing date! While this isn't the house of our dreammms, it's darn near perfect in meeting all our requirements, especially the dog "issue" (See: obese basset above). I just heard this morning that since we haven't technically signed anything yet and the sellers moving out TODAY - they are holding an open house on the place this weekend?! Arghhhh!

We are so close, so very close - I can taste it!! The thought of being done with this makes me want to jump up and down and dance like a crazy person! :) Heck, I might just do that anyway to let off some steam :)

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  1. I'm totally crossing my fingers that everything will fall into place!

    Househunting when pregnant could quite possibly be my LEAST favorite thing to do!