Monday, January 18, 2010

My First Post!

Wow - kinda nervous bout writing my official first post! I've been so shy about starting my very own personal (non-private) blog but the day has come. This is it. Why the heck not?! I've got lots to say, tons to share and plenty to learn!

Hello and Welcome to my Blog!

I am a former attorney turned stay at home mommy of a beautiful little 14 month old boy (Kavan) - my first little lion. I am a bit over 6 months pregnant with little lion #2 who while I know is still in utero, I'm already going to start referring to as a little lion because by the way this pregnancy has been going, he has earned the name the little rascal!

I already have a blog that I keep private. It has served as an online scrapbook for our personal family moments and milestones. I tend to vent alot on that so I figured it not best it be public! I wanted to start this blog to be able to share my thoughts, frustrations and joys about being a new mommy. I've become addicted to so many mommy blogs out there, I figure I'd join the ranks!

About me: I recently left a great job as an attorney to stay at home with my little lion and give him 150% of his mommy. It's been an adventure so far - and we have never had a dull moment!. It's been humbling, challenging, rewarding and invigorating. I love to watch him grow and teach him so many things and actually see the learning take place. I work hard at taking care of my family, focusing on loving details, connecting with nature, being as earth friendly as possible (baby steps!), making our warm and cozy home, staying humble, honoring family and tradition, cooking fresh healthy meals, keeping active mentally and physically, reading great books, indulging in crafts when I can and learning as much as I can to constantly enrich our lives!

About our Family: We are originally from a North Indian (Punjabi) background and are of the Sikh religion but have been raised and brought up in America. I haven't seen many blogs out there by Indian mommies and I'm wondering why. It could be a societal thing - don't share ur secrets or put urself out there - but I would love to learn more from any and every culture and in turn share ours with others. We are Sikh by religion and we keep our hair - meaning, we don't cut it. The men tie their hair in turbans and the ladies usually have it in a bun because it's just a pain to be out flowing around! Here is a picture of our little family at Kavan's first birthday party. :)

About my Lions: Every Sikh male's middle name is "Singh" which means lion - hence my little lions :) Lion in Punjabi is "Sher". That was random I know. :) So anyway - my boys will be keeping their hair and wearing little turbans (just cloth covering their hair) when young to eventually blossom into young men who will hopefully look like their daddy with a proper turban and beard. With the little lion in my life and another little boy on the way, I want to share with others our lives and the way we live so I can in turn learn from them and become a better mommy for the strong little lions I plan on raising. I hope this isn't the core of their identity for I'd want them to be well rounded individuals full of life, love, compassion, personality, selflessness and humility. In my family, being a Sikh is just one part of who we are - not all we are. I just want my boys to honor and respect their heritage and be proud of their culture, religion and who and what they came from. It is so very important.

(To learn more about the Sikh religion - please visit this website.)

I plan on educating those who come in our path about our religion during my lions' school years. I know this will take incredible courage and strength on all our parts and I'm hoping we can be surrounded by only positivity and tolerance! With all the racial animosity and stereotypes of people floating around there, I want to help bring my boys up in a world where we accept people for who they are, not what they are or where they come from -- a world where we don't judge or hate others for being true to themselves. I have faith in people and hope for the best over the course of their childhood. I want my sons to grow up with great pride for who they are and the traditions they come from, self confidence in their abilities and a strong sense of identity as individuals aside from their religion.

I'd love to have more support out there from women who deal with daily challenges of themselves or their children being "different" as individuals. I am looking to lean on other women to help me learn how to make the best home possible for my little lions.

I'd love feedback and encourage comments. Email me at anytime! I'd love to hear from you!


  1. I cannot wait to read more, hun!

    And congrats on going public. It's not an easy thing, but to me it's totally been worth it.


  2. I love your first post! Welcome to the public blogging world. It is a pleasure to meet you. I'd also like to thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday, that was really kind of you; it was such a lovely day, having all the SITS girls come over for a visit and a wee cup of tea!

    I'm Scottish and live in Glasgow. I think Scottish life is really rather similar to American life but there are of course differences, not just in language, but in cooking...very important to me..., humour, habits etc. It is always great fun to find out differences, some slight, some great.

    I love your profile picture; your son is adorable and your wedding picture is truly beautiful.

    I'll be seeing you soon, I'm following now! Any bloggy help I can give you, please just ask although I know you've been blogging privately as well.

    Helen xx