Friday, January 29, 2010

A Moment to Focus on my Little Man

With all the hulla bulla surrounding finalizing on a house, preparations for the work to be done and closing, I've gotten distracted here. I just want to take a moment to focus on my little adorable boy who in the last 2 weeks has hit such a growth spurt physically and cognitively!

Kavan now walks around the whole house like a little boy - not a little baby anymore! He now responds when we ask him animal sounds which is so exciting for US :) When we ask what a cow says, he says mmmmmm oo. When we ask what a lion does, he does the silly RAHRR i do with him that makes  him laugh. When we ask what a duckie says, he says kak kak (quack) :) When we ask what the monkey says - his favorite - he starts scratching under his arms and goes ah ah ah! like a little monkey! When I ask what the rooster says, he does if going to say cockadoodle doo! He is identifying all these sounds which makes me feel like all these months of just repeating them to him is paying off. I knew he was absorbing it but was always so eager to hear some feedback.

When I ask him to give me a kissie  - last week he was doing a puckered mwa mwa sound with his lips. The other day he saw me and the hubbigans kiss and he started doing his puckered kiss sound mwa mwa :) He Knows kisses by sound and sight. So now when I ask him to give mama kissie, he actually brings his little mouth to my lips and kisses me. It just MELTS my heart my little angel :)

He also looks at everything I ask him about. If i start asking him if he wants to play his little piano - he goes over to it and starts hitting the keys. When I say ok let's now sing and play together - he goes LA LA LA LA because usually when he plays or i hit the keys I sing la la la la la la. Speaking of LA LA LA - he knows all his favorite little books especially MOO BAA LA LA LA so much so that when I just pull the book out, he starts saying LA LA LA. 

He has grown so much right before our very eyes, it has been AMAZING to witness.

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