Monday, January 25, 2010

One Step Closer.....

OK we are both admittedly getting super nervous bout the housing situation! We keep exploring our backup options and alternatives around the baby's due date (May 12 - but expected earlier!!). My hubby's new job starts April 19th - which feels great to finally have some date set in stone here. I feel like we have all these pieces we are juggling at the moment and slowly but surely they can be put in place.

There are 3 main options as we see it:

  1. Push for the home we have an offer on now, let's call it  "WR" (for a price that's out of our range - doable - but going to be REALLY tough) and a closing by April 15 and move before baby comes and hubby starting the new job April 19 and I deliver in a CT hospital.
  2. Hold off on moving now and rent an apt and bid on a short sale or foreclosure (which take super long for banks to accept the offer apparently) in the meantime and see what happens... - not so crazy bout this option
  3. Move AFTER baby comes with hubby having a start date of June 1 (push it out as far as we can) and I deliver the baby in NY
Number 2 is not ideal and kinda risky with a newborn on the way. We are most comfortable with number 1 but what if it doesnt happen. I guess our backup is Number 3 - which isnt ideal b/c moving with a newborn is insane but the flipside of it is that I keep my amazing OB and still have our pediatician out here which i would keep for Kavan and the new baby and I know the hospital here in NY and am happy with it.

So as it stands we have one offer on WR with an acceptance but nothing signed because the finances of the situation downright SUCK  and we are scared to live on bread and water for a few years and well in this economy, it's probably not the smartest thing to do.

This past weekend was another one of those 9 hours in the car omg I want to poke my eyes out househunting days. We did fall in love with another  house - let's call it "WP". It's a bit cheaper and needs work, but has great potential and amazing schools. We made an offer right then and there before we even got back into the car to trek home. We have made countless offers on homes thus far and have lost so many so I've learned  to not fall in love with anything or get too attached. Problem: we both love this house:// and will be upset to see it slip away. We have been waiting anxiously by the phone all day!!! We get a call from our realtor around 10pm tonight saying there have been multiplllllleee offers on the house (no she wont tell us how many or what the numbers are - darnit) and the sellers are accepting ur BEST offer until Noon tomorrow and will make a decision then. So what do we do? highball it? and risk not getting a deal? Lowball it and risk losing it? How much do we really love it? This is just not right!!! So we gave it our best shot (just $5K shy of asking price) and are praying and hoping and probably not sleeping tonight until we hear.....


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  1. Refuse to get excited, but still happy there is progress! Ha, remember when you first told me about the job interview in CT? I also refused to get excited then, and look what happened =)

  2. Wishing the best for you! Keep us posted--and I have my fingers/toes crossed for you guys :)