Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Behind on Blogging but Moving forward with Pics!

I've come to the realization that life is truly chaotically hectically manically insnae now with 2 babies under 2 and will be like this until.... they leave for college? not sure. I have accepted that I will never have that magic day where I catch up on all my blogging, responding to emails and phone calls, putting together my imaginary baby scrapbooks or pictures of our rennovation process from start to finish. There has just been TOO much going on in our little world in the last few weeks. Reminder for those of u new to us - new house, new job for hubby, new state, massive rennovations, end of a pregnancy, new baby and an 18 month old. THAT BEING SAID, I plan on moving forward with the blogging and here and there I'll find the time or space to fill in the missing gaps. No reason to put everything on hold now is it!

Here is a pic of my 10 week old chicken nugget in the arms of his 18 month old big brother! :)

 I've been obsessed with dressing them in matching outfits. I find it irresistibly cutie!! I thought I never had to buy another baby outfit with having all the hand me down clothing from my first son but my philosophy has changed - they must now match. always :) hehe. Hopefully I'll stop around the teen years :)

Here is an action shot with mama (me) and my boys. Note the matching outfits :) Oh and ignore the excessive baby weight on me as well as the cluttered living room.

Here is my little gem goofing off at the store with sunglasses which he calls - "EYE" :)

Here is the littel clown again wearing daddy's SHOOOOOS (which is how he says is) :)

Here is my golden ray of sunshine around 9 weeks. How could u not fall in love with this "totally handsome" little onesie man!

BROTHERLY LOVE - which is usually the scene at the house these days :)

Here is one of my favorite pictures of when little lion #2 (Jeevan) was about a week old sitting with little lion #1 (Kavan):

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