Saturday, July 31, 2010

Need.. Want ...Desire ..Den Curtains

I've been hunting down fabric for beautiful curtains for the house at an affordable price. We have several rooms that need curtains and I'm leaning towards starting fresh and getting new stuff. There's the den, the office, the powder room, the kithcen, the dining room, teh living room, kavan's room, jeevan's room, master bedroom, master bath, boy's bath. Now that I type that all out - we will NOT be getting all new stuff :// Time to get creative.

As much as I love Ikea, I'm NOT so crazy about their geometric patterns and floral designs for fabric. It's a bit too bold and prime colored for me. Or - I haven't seen something there i like yet, Yes, shocker. I made curtains for our kitchen in our old house a while ago from Ikea and everytime I walked into the room, the curtains made me grimmace. Not a good thing. I believe the curtains dress a room and can make or break the look. SO i am completely willing to splurge on beautiful curtains.

I'm going to have to tackle one room at a time. First, the den. Yesterday I looked through our linen closet and only had two sets of long curtains for a door for our den. One was a transparent creme colored curtain and the other a clear creme curtain with floral embroidery all over. These have worked in apartments in the past but after combining them and putting them up on our Den sliding Door/window - not so much. The wall color is called indulgent mocha. These curtains blend in too well. I need a bit of a contrast. (Ignore the broken up slate outside - outdoor rennovations are being put off til oh, let's say a year or two or TEN from now).

I prefer a more subdued look and color for a curtain. I love prints of trellis designs. I can't put into words what I like as much as I can readily identify what I like vs. what I don't if I see it. My splurge choice would be either of these two from West Elm.They're having a sale right now of 20% off through August on curtains so if I was a wise woman, I would oder. 

I saw something like this online you can make at home that I really liked and looks simple enough? Maybe.

I saw some pretty fabric at Lillian August - a local designer furniture store I like to go and walk trough if I can convince my hubs. An evening there consists of him cleaning up the drool coming off the side of my mouth. That's a gross visual sorry but my point is that everything there is LUXURY and gorgeous and expensive but quality - so worth it. I'd love to make my own curtains with some luxurious fabric but with everything I have going on in the house after renovations and the perfectionist I like to be, making curtains is a project I'm starting to think will never happen. ....The research continues.

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  1. One of my gripes about ready-made curtains is that the width (50" ish?) is rarely enough for proper windows, like the sliding door you have. So, if you feel inspired to make your own, I say, go for it! I often read about bloggers getting great deals on fabric by using a coupon. Or, you could perhaps use a bargain fabric and then splurge a bit to add a colorful trim?