Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More Renovation Pictures

Im getting there guys. I promised pictures - but never promised them quickly :) Now life with two little babies means u REALLY don't get anything done unless they're BOTH conked out during a nap :)

Ok the first pic is of the hardware we chose for all the cabinets in the kitchen including the pantry door, the fridge (which isn't finished being paneled yet) and the dishwasher. It is the first handle in the picture and we just love it. We got it from Klaff's and paid a pretty penny for this pewter beauty but it's perfect and we love it.

The second picture is a closeup of our granite called Gallo Ornamental. The tile store's mixup actually ended up working in our favor. It looks amazing with the white cabinets. More pics coming. :)
Now this last picture is a shot of the master bedroom. We took on a project in there to knock down the small walkin closet that shared a wall with the TINY bathroom and then build a closet on our own in that bedroom out of drywll. While i begged for a nice updated master bath - I wasn't so sure how much I liked the idea of this compromise. How is a girl to choose? walkin closet? master bath? AH the torturous nights I stayed awake pondering this one. So i opted for a master bath. 

The bathroom that previously was in there was miniscule and grimy and out of the 70s and just felt ikky to me. It was clean but still felt ikky with the way the tiny shower stall was squeezed in there in teh corner bteween the toilet and miniature vanity. The built closet int he picture will do the trick. We just have to be very selective with what comes into the bedroom now. The master bath turned out BEAUTIFUL and mamma got her wish - mama now gets a little piece of serenity in my pseudo spa like bathroom after the kids go to sleep and i close down the kitchen. Nevermind that this happens at 1 am. I;m working on that part. Pics coming!

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  1. I love the hardware you picked and the granite is gorgeous. Thanks for stopping by Webster's Updates and leaving the comment love. Hope you're around more often yourself :)