Friday, February 25, 2011

Anand Karaj - Sikh Wedding Ceremony

The actual wedding ceremony of my brother and his wife was beautiful. It was held outside in Goa near the Banyan tree under which he proposed. It was lovely. The immediate family sat near the bride and groom while the other guests sat behind on beautiful little sofas lined with comfy cushions.

The meaning of Ananad Karaj is Blissful union. The couple does 4 lavaans or rounds around our holy scripture called the Sri Guru Granth Sahib. In the Sikh faith, although the bride walks behind the groom holding his scarf, marriage is considered a partnership amongst equals. No consideration is to be given for caste, race or social status nor is dowry permitted. The families from both sides are very involved during the ceremony. The ceremony must end before noon and afterwards is langar or a lunch for all the guests.

There are fun little games played amongst the boy's and girl's side after the ceremony where the girl's sidehas to steal the groom's shoes and in order to get them back, he has to offer a price to pay them which they usually do not accept and keep asking for more. It's meant to be alot of fun but I have been at weddings where the girl's sister has stolen the shoes and asked for the bride's wedding ring and GOT IT. I know, nuts. Talk about taking tradition seriously.

My brother coming up to our Scriptures covered in white and blue

Moni (my brother) coming up to matha tek (pay respects to our scripture)

The canopy for the wedding ceremony 

Guests surrounding where the couple is to sit

What we saw coming up to the wedding site.

Up where immediate family and the couple sat

The bride's side.
The bride, Devina, coming in.

She looked stunning

Wedding guests looking upon the ceremony

My brother with me dabbing my CHIN (ugh) behind him.

bride's entrance

bride and groom attached with a pink scarf which she held onto following him during the rounds

The bride's mother. Just a lovely lady.

The bride and groom making their rounds

Where the guru granth sahib (our scriptures) sat

Me telling Moni and D what they need to do.

Scarf being adjusted

Looking onto the ceremony

The couple making their rounds with her brothers surrounding the area (symbolizing that they will always be there for her throughout her married life). Very sweet.

Getting garlands put on them by our priest

The couple standing together before making a round



And they're married after the 4th round!! (my brother wasn't really allowed to touch her but I guess he couldn't resist!) :)


  1. I love hearing about such unique weddings. Thanks for your fun comment and support on my SITS day!!

  2. What a beautiful ceremony; the photos are gorgeous! Congratulations to your brother and his wife!

    Thanks so much for stopping by for my SITS day!

  3. the photos seems to me to come right out of an fairy tale!!
    Really nice!

  4. Really ! what a beautiful marriage. The clicks also are so simple but elegant. This is actually the simplest standard of Sikh wedding photography shown in these beautiful shots.