Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cocktail Party in Goa

The first event in Goa was a cocktail party to welcome all the guests. The attire was non traditional and everyone was wearing Western cocktail dresses and gowns. I had an awesome Calvin Klein dress lined up but last minute splurged in Delhi and bought a designer flowy Goa-ey dress with my cousin's wife, Chandni. She convinced me I had to have it and as much as I felt like an Indian barbie in it, the wallet is kind've regretting the splurge now - eek. ANYWAY, the party was light and fun and a great way for all the guests to meet, esp those who came straight to Goa and didn't go to any of the Delhi events. It was held outdoor and the weather was downright balmy and breezy, pure perfection. There were funky performers surrounding the home and the decor was so different and fresh. Here are a few snaps from the night:

My cousin Natasha and I all dolled up before heading out

Pics of the family at a pre party cocktail hour before the event

More family I love.
Fun decor hanging from the trees

Belly Dancer

Crazy fun performer
Closeup of the balance act

Shot of the decor from the balcony above

Closeup of hanging lanterns

Devina with her friend from London and Nats

My brother (hanky in his pocket) and our cousin Raja

My lovely dovely cousins and I
My brother with our two cousins Radhika and Nandita who we adore and always have since we were so very little

My brother and I with a friend of his from Delhi. This girl was awesome - I wish I had a way to keep in touch.

My brother and I. Just love him.

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