Friday, February 4, 2011

Chunni (Scarf) & Ring Ceremony

Before the official weddings events began, there was a big birthday party of the bride's brother that we attended that was AMAZING but sigh I don't have pics so until I can find some from someone who actually had a camera on them, that night will go down in history as one of the most amazing parties I have ever been to. There were  Circus du Soleil style dancers and artists performing all over the place from the ceilings to right next to u to on stage - it was unreal. Kudos to the planners and Happy Birthday Shiv! Then there were a bunch of little get togethers and small parties that were just as amazing but......lordie, no pics. I'm mentioning them now because I am on a mission to find some pics and when I do - this is what I would have been referring to basically!

The Chunni ceremony is a pre wedding event that takes place the beginning of the week of the festivities in a Punjabi wedding. At the Chunni ceremony, the boys mother is to place a wedding scarf/shawl on the bride to be and give her some jewelery sets. There is a ring ceremony called a Roka which we just did at the same time.

Since we lost our mother, not only was this event very emotional and sober but it was very touching for me because I took the place of our mother for my brother and I was the person to sit by Devina (the bride) and place the chunni on her head, recite the formal prayer, feed her sweets, present her with jewlery and gifts and a sari and basically be the woman to welcome and embrace her into our lives just as my mother would have. Waterworks over here. I missed mama so so very much in this moment and I fought the hot tears in my eyes back but I just looked over at my brother and at how happy he is and then to Devina at how lovely she is and u just can't help but smile so big because they are just meant to be and we are so blessed to be in each other's lives.

So this is when I place a chunni or bridal shawl/scarf ON the bride to be basically claiming her as ours to put it roughly  along with presenting her with a sari as a token of our acceptance of her into our family and the groom to be (my brother) puts a ring on her finger. This event was combined with the ring ceremony also referred to as the ROKA where the families basically formalize the relationship between each other and the boy and girl. I (along with the elder females in my family) started the event off with a prayer (ardas) to bless the couple and the families and Gifts (Shagun) are exchanged between the families from one another. Then lots of sweets, fruits and food are FED to the bride and groom from everyone there who loves them. This BRIDE was such a trooper if I ever saw one. She basically ever so gracefully took a bite from every single person in that room - oh my word - that poor girl took the bites and had a smile on her face the whole time. Some people joked and gave really big bites which she took with a smile and some of us just gave her a taste so she wouldn't have to endure any more. I felt so bad for her not only for being a female and thinking omg I have to fit into outfits that aren't so forgiving in just a matter of hours and also for feeling bad for her if she didn't even like that particular dessert or desserts. Funny stuff. :)

Enjoy some of the pics :) U can kind of get the feel of how it goes.

Kavan and I :) I am SO happy to begin the festivities!

Devina and I while holding my baby Jeevan on my lap

My handsome brother (the groom to be)

The beautiful bride to be

Beginning the ceremony with an ardas (Sikh prayer)

The family looks on and gives gifts and feeds Devina
More gift giving lucky girl :)

Devina's mom gives my brother gifts and blessings

My brother with my eldest Kavan

Some flowers, sweets, gifts etc.

My brother and his best friend

Me sitting with Devina waiting for a prompt for what's next. Eek.

Devina with her chunni on (bridal scarf) and my Bhua (aunt)

My dad presenting Devina with food and gifts

The rings being exchanged!!!
My cousins Chandni, Mannu and Natasha

My chacha (dad's youngest brother) holding my littlest lion Jeevan.

My cousin Natasha and I

Pic of Devina with her Chunni on

My boys - brother, hubs and Kavan
Devina and I

Funny little lion Kavan playing around :)

Devina with her gifts and Chunni and me

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