Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Welcome to Goa :)

Coming to Goa was such a treat. It was a true getaway in every sense of the word. Goa is in southern India and it is so far away from the bustling city of New Delhi and everything we associate with being in India - shopping, hectic schedules, exhaustion, visiting family and friends and just being busy. We got to relax a few afternoons and mornings in between events. Every day had something planned so there was still stuff to do but it was in a tropical destination which made it still feel like vacation! We took in some sun, some ocean and some scenery.

The only hectic part for me amid this all was choreographing and bringing together a dance the groom's side was to perform for the mehendi party a day or so later. It was quite a challenge since no one had cell phone or internet service properly working nor were people responding (serious post celebration funks set in) and I was staying with my family off in a villa away from everyone as opposed to the hotel all the kids were in. I might have panicked a few times but was determined to PULL THIS OFF - I was the groom's sister dammit! There was no way I was going to drop the ball on this one. In hindsight, I may have been a bit unecessarily harsh with the guys :) but it was worth it because our dance was awesome and the fun was amazing and they all pitched in when they saw how freaked I was getting that things weren't getting done. I'm below in the yellow - not smiling. Very serious business here. In the end, it was a BLAST!

More on that later in the Mehendi Party post but for now, enjoy some scenes of Goa.

And here are pics of our dance practice - yes ONE of maybe 2 practices we had for a 10 minute dance in front of 300 people. God was on our side that day! :)

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