Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm Baaaack!!

but not so sure I'm back in full effect yet. I know - my blog fell off the face of ur google reader, hasn't it. Almost. I am determined to  maintain it because my heart is there - I'm just swamped with babies and no help. That is hopefully changing SOON. Then I can focus on mama for a bit as well because this chica is in need for a major rejuvenation - part of the whole new year's resolution pact I made with myself.

Last we spoke :), I was going nuts preparing for our trip to India for my brother's wedding. With 2 babies and no help (yes I know I already said that), getting things accomplished happens in S-L-O-W M-OT-I-O-N so even just buying things for the trip, packing and getting important documents together Barely got done.

The trip was amazing, the wedding was unreal, out of this world, like a complete DREAM - I had to constantly ask my cousin to pinch me ..... and then she actually did, like really hard and I insisted she pls stop. Crazy girl.

I'd love to share some pics of all the events so pls plan on hearing about this for the next month or so not only because (a) would I like to relive it but (2) pictures or blog entries about it just won't and can't do it justice and (iii) I want to record for my brother the details I remember so we can read about it in years to come. He was so busy as was the bride's family putting everything together and making sure guests were taken care of. While it's no small feat for us to travel to India to .... party.... poor poor souls we are :) - it's even a bigger task to make sure everyone is provided for, accounted for, included and acknowledged and my brother and new sissy in law did a fabulous job.

Pics to come!

In the meantime here is a picture of the map of India so u have some context. My family is originally from PUNJAB (baby!!!) Ahem, Sorry. But the bride and groom are currently living in New Delhi, India and that's where we flew into and stayed with family for about a week and did the preliminary ceremonies and festivities to kick of the wedding. The actual wedding ceremony and reception was in Goa which is down towards central to south india to the west. I hate to be a nerd and give u a picture of a map but it's important and I promise I will make it up to u with fabulous wedding pics soon. Take a look see.

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