Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Boys' Side Dhol Night

Dhol is the term Punjabis use for DRUM and in Punjabi weddings, the DRUM, or dhol is a central part of the majority of our music, traditions and festivities. There is absolutely nothing that gets me more excited and gets my blood pumping more than hearing our classic dhol beat going. The boy's side decided to hold an impromptu DHOL night at the boy's side house in Goa at the night of the mehendi which was the night before the wedding. During our little party for just the boy's side, the girl's side was doing the traditional churra (bangle) ceremony for the bride which is an intimate ceremony amongst her important family members. Our dhol night was one of the highlights of the wedding events. It was particularly special to me because it was our family that was there in Goa to celebrate my brother and it was downright pure classic punjabi fun. My cousins, aunts and elders all collected and sat on teh floor and sang every Punjabi wedding song with such ghutspa and literally until our voices were gone. We hired a Dhol wala or a guy who comes with a huge dhol and he came and did the traditional boliyaan  which are little fun verses that he shouts out to sing and we all know and sing back to him and the crowd and to each other and then he just blasts that dhol beat, LIVE, and we all just went ballistic dancing. At this point, everyone is so completely exhausted from all the events but attending this and staying up all night for it wasn't even a question. It was an honor and a priority and one of my favorite nights of the trip. I will never forget the memories made, the bonds strengthened and my brother's face when he and his friends came through the door and we highlighted their arrival. OH what a night!

Some pics:

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